31 May 2024
Google AI Overviews and the Impact on Search & SEO
3 min read SEO

AI Overviews is Google’s new search feature that generates natural language responses to answer user queries of all kinds. Formerly called “SGE” (Search Generative Experience), Google rolled out... Read Article »

08 May 2023
Content Development Tips for Multifamily
3 min read SEO

A major component of good multifamily SEO is consistently producing quality website content that improves user experience and attracts renters while signaling to search engines. There are many things ... Read Article »

12 Apr 2023
7 Ways to Combat Seasonality in the Multifamily Industry
2 min read Paid Media | SEO

To combat seasonality in the multifamily industry you must first understand it. The seasonal trends in the industry diverge from the conventional quarterly calendar, so it’s important to be aware of... Read Article »

20 Feb 2023
How to Understand and Communicate with Your Agency
1 min read Paid Media | SEO

Communication is Queen Communication is key, or queen. This is something we all learned growing up and have heard a million times before. It is especially important in the marketing industry, where th... Read Article »

11 Jan 2023
Tips to Leverage Your Digital Marketing Data Effectively
3 min read Analytics | SEO

In most aspects of life, one size does not fit all. When setting goals for your digital marketing efforts, relying on all the annual benchmark metrics can be tempting. Unfortunately, too many business... Read Article »

12 Dec 2022
How To Create Content That Makes Google Happy
4 min read SEO

What is Content Marketing in SEO So, let’s start with the basics; SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” which essentially deals with practices that boost a website’s ranking (or place... Read Article »

12 Oct 2022
How to Identify Organic Competitors & Outrank Them in Search
6 min read SEO

To increase a website’s visibility in organic search, you must outrank the competition, those sites ranking above yours when someone searches for what your business offers. To find ways you can do t... Read Article »

22 Sep 2022
5 Ways to Check if Your Website is Optimized
3 min read SEO

Nowadays, if you want to get your brand out in front of people, building a website is a must. However simply being online is not quite enough, you also need to take the steps to make sure that your si... Read Article »

14 Jul 2022
How to Utilize Virtual Reality in Your Digital Marketing Strategies
6 min read SEO | Paid Media

By now, you have seen videos of people wearing big, bulky Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. Although this seems comical, the saying “don’t knock it until you try it” has never been truer. Not only ... Read Article »

15 Jun 2022
Is Your Website Healthy? Use this Checklist (Technical SEO Checklist)
4 min read SEO

Of the three aspects of SEO (On-page, Off-page, and Technical SEO), Technical SEO plays a crucial role in ensuring your page not only ranks well but can be discovered by search engines. Whether you ar... Read Article »

26 Jan 2022
Top 5 SEO Myths to Ignore
3 min read SEO

Long-standing misconceptions exist in every industry. These beliefs usually originate from either outdated information, general confusion, or even unintended miscommunication passed along without any ... Read Article »

24 Feb 2021
How to Optimize for Local Search
6 min read SEO

Most businesses today understand the importance of optimizing for local search. With increased mobile usage, at least 46% of all searches are considered to have local intent, meaning Google assumes th... Read Article »

11 Nov 2020
5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Strategy with Hotjar
4 min read SEO

How does one create an effective SEO strategy? Determining user behavior and how they interact with your website is one of the best ways to boost your SEO strategy. At Forthea, we use a variety of too... Read Article »

27 Aug 2020
How Unanswered Calls Cost You Money
9 min read SEO

Business owners, we need to talk. And so do potential clients. They are trying to reach you because they have a problem, and you may be able to provide them with a solution. So today we are going to d... Read Article »

19 Aug 2020
Tips to Rank for Featured Snippets and Position 0
3 min read SEO

Position 0 search rankings and featured snippet search results are two of the easiest ways to improve the exposure of your brand’s site content. They put your website just one click away from potent... Read Article »

22 Jul 2020
3 Tools To Identify Page Speed Opportunities
3 min read SEO

A fast-loading website improves your organic rankings by boosting the amount of organic traffic on your site and increasing the chances of users converting into paying customers. Web administrators se... Read Article »

28 Apr 2020
If Your SEO Agency Is Doing This, It's A Red Flag
5 min read SEO

SEO is booming business driver for many companies that has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. With each day that passes, Google updates, new algorithms, and shiny new tools grace our scre... Read Article »

02 Apr 2020
Why SEO Is Crucial During Economic Downturns
3 min read SEO | Analytics

Whenever businesses find themselves navigating the effect of an economic downturn, they are often quick to shift strategies and prepare for the worst. The most important thing for a business to rememb... Read Article »

30 Mar 2020
Affected by COVID-19? Digital Marketing Tactics Your Business Can Do Now
4 min read SEO

We are in uncertain times as COVID-19 makes its way across the globe, leaving almost no part of the planet unaffected. In addition to the pivotal health concerns, there are serious concerns when it co... Read Article »

18 Mar 2020
5 Reasons to Avoid "Affordable SEO"
4 min read SEO

You could argue that high quality search engine optimization (SEO) is more important than ever in an increasingly competitive online marketplace in combination with the high ROI of properly done SEO... Read Article »

29 Jan 2020
Why is Structured Data so Important?
3 min read SEO

What is Structured Data and Why Is It Crucial?  When broken down structured data does what its name implies. It creates a “structure” for a search engine's algorithm. As it is a complex code buil... Read Article »

25 Sep 2019
Google Announces Broad Core Algorithm Update This Week
1 min read SEO

What Happened on September 24th, 2019 Yesterday morning the internet was notified of the September 2019 broad core algorithm update. This is the newest Google update and launched a few hours after the... Read Article »

15 Jan 2019
Why is Mobile-First Indexing so Important?
4 min read SEO

Building a better website has become more challenging through the years, and crafting one that search engines like is even tougher. As search engine optimization tactics have come and gone, different ... Read Article »

07 Dec 2018
My 2018 SEO Christmas Wish List
2 min read SEO

Hey Santa, Here's Our 2018 SEO Christmas Wish List With colored lights twinkling and jingle bells ringing, the holiday spirit is spreading all around us. We love just about everything about the holida... Read Article »

26 Nov 2018
A Better Agency: How To Show Tangible SEO Value To Clients
6 min read SEO

This post is part of our series, A Better Agency, which looks at many of the different challenges that can arise when working with an agency, and what Forthea is doing to overcome it. Several factors... Read Article »

01 Nov 2018
SEO Round-Up: October 2018 Edition
3 min read SEO

October was a big month for the SEO world, with some important changes to the ever-shifting landscape. Here are some of the top events from October in our Forthea SEO Roundup. Google My Business Gets ... Read Article »

25 Oct 2018
Five Spooky SEO Scares and How to Avoid Them
4 min read SEO

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re all in for a few scares to close out the month. But certain things come as an unwelcome surprise, especially in the world of SEO. Here are some of the mo... Read Article »

02 Oct 2018
Smart Bidding Strategies for Google Ads: What They Do & Tips to Start Testing
6 min read SEO

Imagine being able to generate a real-time, top bid for the best end-user right at their moment of conversion. This is something that normally would take hours of manual manipulation and testing to ac... Read Article »

27 Aug 2018
The Value of Video Part Two: Benefits of Video Marketing for Business
4 min read SEO

Using video content has so many benefits for businesses because it opens up the opportunity to share information in a visual way. According to HubSpot, video is projected to claim more than 80% of all... Read Article »

08 Aug 2018
The Value of Video Part One: The Growth of Video & Increased User Engagement
4 min read Paid Media | SEO

The Recent Growth of Video Content We see it everywhere in our daily lives. It’s engaging, interesting, and constantly moving- it’s video. From watching your favorite YouTuber to watching a live e... Read Article »

01 Aug 2018
An Intern's Take on 3 Common SEO Myths
1 min read SEO

We have found that numerous individuals have so many things to say on SEO. Most which are funny to hear!  Myths are a very common when speaking about SEO and seem to never die down. We have listed th... Read Article »

03 Dec 2017
Our 2017 SEO Christmas Wish List
1 min read SEO

It’s that time of year again when kids of all ages excitedly finish off their Christmas wish lists while anticipating the joy of soon opening gifts filled with their heart’s desires. Although we c... Read Article »

19 Jun 2017
Challenge Your Brain - Learn SEO!
5 min read SEO

For someone new to the topic, learning SEO can be quite similar to a jigsaw amateur attempting to complete a 1000-piece puzzle. You’re eager to get started, so you open the box with glee, untie the ... Read Article »

08 Jun 2017
Dominate Search Results Using 5 Forward-Thinking Trends
4 min read SEO

Every marketer – including you – wants to dominate Google's search results and win the game. But Google’s world is a complicated maze to navigate, full of hidden traps and shifting walls, so you... Read Article »

21 Oct 2016
Google “Mobile First” Index Shift is Coming: Get Ready for a Faster 2017
6 min read SEO | Web

Google is shifting its primary form of site indexation from desktop to mobile, according to Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes, announced at Pubcon 2016 this week. This is a major departure ... Read Article »

30 Aug 2016
3 Takeaways from New Google Local Reviews Schema Guidelines
2 min read SEO

Schema is an SEO tactic that tells the search engines what your data means, not just what it says. As digital marketing techniques are always evolving, evidenced by Google’s announcement of RankBrai... Read Article »

04 Feb 2016
Don’t Let Your Website Starve – E-A-T
5 min read SEO

This is our fourth post on Google’s Search Quality Rater’s Guidelines. The scale goes all the way up to the rank of Highest Quality Pages. As web content producers, we talk about quality pages. ... Read Article »

22 Oct 2015
SEO is a Full Time Job - 7 Common SEO Mistakes
4 min read SEO

SEO involves many areas from content writing to technical optimizations and all that falls in-between. It’s a full time gig, not one for just the weekends or as an employee’s third responsibility.... Read Article »

25 Feb 2015
Integrated Digital Strategies Just Became More Pivotal With The Google-Twitter Partnership: Is Your Brand Ready?
3 min read Paid Media | SEO

Recently, Google and Twitter confirmed their plans to enter into another partnership that turns out to be quite mutually beneficial. What are these benefits exactly? Well, Google now gets access to ... Read Article »

18 Jul 2012
SEO News & Tips You Might Have Missed
2 min read SEO

Keeping up with SEO news and tips posted on the web could easily turn into a full-time job, leaving you little time for your own work.  Yet, if your work involves search engine optimization, you kno... Read Article »

10 May 2012
Penguin Brings Attention to Negative SEO
2 min read SEO

By now just about everyone working in SEO knows about Google’s Penguin update targeting web spam. Many say Penguin made a mess of search. It sure shook up the SEO world. Industry forums were flood... Read Article »

23 Apr 2012
Google Search Updates: How to Maintain Your Sanity & Move Forward
1 min read SEO

If you feel frustrated trying to keep up with Google’s search updates, you are not alone. But if you often need to alter how you provide quality SEO work due to those changes, maybe it’s time to s... Read Article »

23 Jan 2012
Which Keywords to Focus On in an SEO Campaign
2 min read SEO

One of the first steps in an organic SEO campaign is keyword research. You build your campaign with the keywords selected, and although monitoring performance and tweaking is part of ongoing SEO work,... Read Article »

18 Jan 2012
Keyword Match Types - Back to the Basics
2 min read SEO

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about match types and how they work. So in this post we are getting back to the basics with a quick explanation of keyword match types and why you might... Read Article »

03 Oct 2011
Vertical vs. Horizontal Relevance Factors
2 min read Paid Media | SEO

Every paid search manager knows relevance is an important factor in quality score. In fact, it’s right behind Click-Through Rate in quality score factor importance. If you think understanding qualit... Read Article »

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