Hey Santa, Here's Our 2018 SEO Christmas Wish List

With colored lights twinkling and jingle bells ringing, the holiday spirit is spreading all around us.

We love just about everything about the holiday season, including Christmas wish lists.

No matter your age, you can’t help feeling excited when creating a list of wishes. About this same time last year we created our 2017 SEO Christmas Wish List, and then compared it to one from 2011. (Yes, we’ve been working in search optimization that long, and longer.) Even though SEO has evolved through the years, the lists were similar.

While we still wish for each one, let’s see how our 2018 SEO Christmas wish list compares.

As SEO pros, we wish for:

  1. Significant growth for all our clients’ businesses. That’s what it’s all about, right?
  1. Continuous upward trends in traffic and conversions for all our sites through 2019 and beyond. That will help bring my #1 SEO wish.
  1. Many new Quick Answers, giving client sites the increased visibility and flood of converting traffic valuable Position Zeros can provide. We want single voice search results, too!
  1. A multitude of pages within each of our sites ranking well for hundreds of relevant keywords that bring converting traffic.
  1. An end to Google rewarding spam with top local rankings. Come on, is the name of your business really “Top SEO Company in Houston | Search Engine Optimization | Get #1 Rankings Now” ? (Ok, so we made that one up, but it wouldn’t surprise us to see it in a 3-Pack. I did find very similar ones, including “#1 Houston SEO Company” and “#1 Search Engine Optimization Agency,” – both ranking well.”)
  1. High-quality natural backlinks from many relevant, high-authority domains that send tons of referral traffic. Some things haven’t changed.
  1. Continuous growth in five-star ratings and reviews for each client. We want good, real reviews from happy clients!
  1. Google to stop updating owner-verified local listings without the owner’s authorization. As it is now, Google will “update” business hours/attributes/phone numbers, etc. (updates competitors could suggest), forcing owners/managers to log in to Google My Business and change them back to what they should be.
  1. A creative copywriter who writes unique, informative/entertaining articles and blog posts that many people want to read and share.
  1. Increased retainer hours for each account, allowing us to boost performance in organic search.

Since Santa probably won’t read this, we better get to work and make what we can happen! Until next time, Happy Holidays!!!

About The Author

Terri Stevens loves to travel, especially aboard cruise ships (floating casinos!), and spends free time with family and enjoying the outdoors.

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