26 Mar 2020
Three Things to Consider for a Website Redesign
2 min read     //    Web

A new website is exciting but can also be overwhelming because there are so many moving parts. Our experience managing website redesign projects has taught us valuable lessons that we’ll pass along to…

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21 Oct 2016
Google “Mobile First” Index Shift is Coming: Get Ready for a Faster 2017
6 min read     //    SEO|Web

Google is shifting its primary form of site indexation from desktop to mobile, according to Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes, announced at Pubcon 2016 this week. This is a major departure from…

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17 Sep 2015
Guide for Hosting a Website
4 min read     //    Web

If you are asking yourself “Where should I host my website?” the answer is more than likely it doesn’t matter. Don’t misread that statement, it totally does matter, but if all you’re looking to do is make…

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06 Mar 2015
5 Common User Experience Myths
6 min read     //    Web

As an agency, one of the more challenging parts of building a successful website is trying to dispel the preconceived misconceptions that some clients have regarding user experience. The internet, and…

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11 Feb 2015
6 Essential Browser Based Tools for Web Professionals
3 min read     //    Web

Whether you are a blogger, a content editor, or even a developer, there’s great value in finding (free) web based tools that can make your life easier and simple tasks faster. We know what it’s like to…

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21 Aug 2014
The Future of the Mobile Web is Now. Is Your Brand in the Past?
4 min read     //    Web

It's no secret that mobile devices are now part of our daily lives. We carry our devices with us like we carry our car keys, and some of us can't go anywhere without them, myself included. We are constantly…

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