We have found that numerous individuals have so many things to say on SEO. Most which are funny to hear!  Myths are a very common when speaking about SEO and seem to never die down. We have listed the top myths we constantly find during research.

Social Media Helps You Rank Higher on Google

In today's world, many people think social media is dominating businesses and services. Of course social media is helping these businesses gain more exposure, however, social media doesn’t always help you rank. We believe the one of the most important factors in SEO is keyword research. Keywords that are highly relevant will rank you higher and put you way ahead of your competition. Keyword research is something well worth your time and a great investment.

Site Speed Doesn’t Matter

FALSE! Site speed is a top indicator that something is wrong with your technical SEO. We have learned that 40% of people will close a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Also, 47% of polled consumers expect a page to load within 2 seconds. If it takes 3-4 seconds for your full page to load, visitors will leave without even waiting. They will also click the back button and choose a different search, this is a term we call “pogo-sticking”. It is very important to make sure your user is satisfied. We have also learned that a website's site health is extremely important. Some important elements in making your website efficient and easy to understand include reducing the number of resources, optimizing and reducing image size without affecting visual appearance, reducing the number of redirects, and much more. Many images on your site could be too large, causing your website to become very slow. Keep your site healthy just like you would do for yourself!

Meta Tags are Not Important

Not sure who started this one, but they are absolutely 150% wrong. Meta tags are very important because they give more information about specific content being addressed on a page. Search engines grasp a better understanding if you have these meta tags. This is a huge opportunity to send search engines a message.We have read a lot that meta tags are not important because they hold no value. As interns, we have seen how essential meta tags are on a website. Keywords in a title tag also help with getting ranked and placing you higher and above the rest!

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