Recently, Google and Twitter confirmed their plans to enter into another partnership that turns out to be quite mutually beneficial. What are these benefits exactly? Well, Google now gets access to the pulse of real time events. Twitter gets the opportunity to expose its user content to an audience that amounts to be larger than Facebook. This will greatly aid Twitter’s stalled growth by driving user acquisition. This partnership is an exciting one, but what does this mean for brands and integrated digital strategies? Well, several factors come into play with using Twitter for marketing in terms of real time content now appearing in the search giant that has over 75% of the market.

Search and Social Just Got More Cozy

First of all, integrated digital strategies just became that much more important for brands. Strategic search engine optimization and social media integration just gained more prominence in validity. Search and social teams will most likely need to work even more closely together to ensure that optimizations are now applied to tweets. For example, if a tweet says “Shoes that will dominate the road,” it will not appear in search results for “running gear,” “running training gear,” etc. Keywords must now be taken into higher consideration when composing tweets for brands. This is not the last move in search and social becoming cozier, as search discovery has become increasingly more social with Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and other outlets.

Tweets Are Now CTAs

The microblogging giant has primarily been known as more of an app directed mainly at mobile. However, now that tweets are going to be integrated with Google SERPs, Twitter’s organic reach is about to become much more significant. What this means for brands is that they now need to leverage their tweets in a new way. Tweets need to feature a call to action directing consumers on what to do, similar to a landing page or ad. A generic message about a glowing tan, for example, will not directly entice your audience to buy your tanning oil or whatever product or service you offer.

Twitter #Fails Just Gained Traction

With Google now featuring real times tweets, customer service fails and brand social media disasters just got a lot more exposure. For example, with the Google-Twitter partnership, the recent 1-800 Flowers let down on Valentine’s Day would now pop up at the top of search results, leaving potential consumers to feel not so warm and fuzzy inside on ordering their flowers for the romantic holiday. Brands should take this into consideration and focus even more diligently on avoiding potential Twitter fails. There is currently a lag between when a message is tweeted and when it will appear in search results, but this won’t be the case for much longer. Additionally, tweets that brands may have tweeted a while ago may also appear in SERPs. Brands should take into consideration what they want to portray now when using Twitter for marketing, as well as in the future. A message may be fitting for a certain company now, but maybe not in a few months or years.

Prepare For the Search Impact

Similar to how a paid ad can affect your organic search traffic, tweets now being present in search results will have an impact on both paid and organic traffic. Therefore, the importance of being aware of what is showing for main terms is that much more significant. Due to the fact that search and social are becoming even more integrated, it is crucial for brands to have integrated digital strategies to win over consumers. For advice on how to ensure that your integrated digital strategies are on par with this update, contact us.  

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