What Happened on September 24th, 2019

Yesterday morning the internet was notified of the September 2019 broad core algorithm update. This is the newest Google update and launched a few hours after the announcement. This update is set to fully roll out within the next couple of days with ranking as its main target.

Why You Should Care

According to Google, core updates are “broad” in the sense that they do not specifically target anything. There are instead intended to improve Google’s systems overall.

Core updates have the power to significantly impact site performance. Google is constantly updating its algorithm. However, they typically release larger updates every few months, which vary in what is being addressed (i.e. content, links) and the general types of sites that it is addressing (e-commerce, online news publications, health sites). Staying in the know on these updates is crucial so that businesses can understand any changes that may occur in keyword rankings, traffic and potentially online conversions.

What To Do Next

Your plan of action any time a new update rolls out should be to check your website keyword rankings and traffic to see if any unexpected changes have occurred. This may not happen immediately after the launch, so it is critical to keep a close watch over initial weeks, and even months, following a core algorithm update.  

Alternatively, a site may not be impacted at all by a core algorithm update. However, if you do see negative changes, keep a few key tips in mind: 

  • Always focus on putting out the best possible content for users.
  • Recovery from a core algorithm update could take up to the next update, as they are implemented every couple of months.
  • Improvements do not guarantee recovery, but not implementing improvements essentially guarantees limited to no recovery.

Learn more about Google’s core algorithm updates via their Webmaster Central Blog. For an expert team that is well seasoned in algorithm updates and recovery strategies, contact Forthea today.



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