25 Feb 2015
Integrated Digital Strategies Just Became More Pivotal With The Google-Twitter Partnership: Is Your Brand Ready?

Recently, Google and Twitter confirmed their plans to enter into another partnership that turns out to be quite mutually beneficial. What are these benefits exactly? Well, Google now gets access to the…

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23 Feb 2015
Real-World Geographical Influences on Search Behavior

Fellow PPC advertisers, It’s time to acknowledge that we often get stuck in an all digital world. Being focused in that digital bubble often leads to forgetting there’s a real-world out there. That’s…

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19 Feb 2015
How to Use Dynamic Search Ads to Enhance Your PPC Strategy

If things are getting stagnant with your typical search network campaigns, then it may be time to shake things up using Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs). These are a great option if you have a website with a…

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11 Feb 2015
6 Essential Browser Based Tools for Web Professionals

Whether you are a blogger, a content editor, or even a developer, there’s great value in finding (free) web based tools that can make your life easier and simple tasks faster. We know what it’s like to…

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29 Jan 2015
Turn Your Website into an Inbound Marketing Tool

Does content marketing drive visitors to your website? Does your website contain a blog, videos, or white papers? Is it a destination for your visitors? Hopefully, your answer is yes to all the above.…

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28 Jan 2015
Is It Time for a Rebrand?

Tell us if this sounds familiar: Your business has grown exponentially over the years, yet you’re stuck in a rut. Your sales are good, but could be better and you’re beginning to feel like there is a…

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19 Nov 2014
How to Choose the Right Attribution Model

What is Attribution Modeling? Attribution is the method of measurement for understanding the multiple touch points a customer may engage with before making a purchase. To take that a step further, attribution…

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16 Oct 2014
Re-Engaging With Remarketing

Attention digital marketers in Houston - There is a new, really great group in Houston called SearchHou. It was put together by Chris Smith (@chrisfromthelc) and Aaron Eaves (@aaroneaves) with the goal…

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18 Sep 2014
To the Googleplex – My Trip to Google Partners All-Star Summit

We recently had the privilege of visiting Google’s HQ for the 2014 Google Partners All-Star Summit along with local PPC personality & fellow Forthean, Davis Baker. For some of us it was our first trip…

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21 Aug 2014
The Future of the Mobile Web is Now. Is Your Brand in the Past?

It's no secret that mobile devices are now part of our daily lives. We carry our devices with us like we carry our car keys, and some of us can't go anywhere without them, myself included. We are constantly…

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