Forthea's team expanded with a few interns that joined us over the Summer. From daily tasks to strategic insights, they knocked their internships out of the park. Check out some of the things they learned during their time here!Have you been accepted into an internship program but you do not know how to go about it? Are you trying to find a job related to your major? Most students like ourselves were clueless about what an internship would entail. These pointers and tips for interns will help give you a better idea about dressing up, networking, managing time, and asking questions. If you make the effort to practice these points, it will make you feel more comfortable with your internship program.

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Q&A for Interns


Working in a professional environment requires dressing and carrying yourself in a professional manner.

(Q.) How should interns dress for the duration of their internship?

  • During your interview, observe what your future colleagues are wearing. Also, check-in with the intern coordinator/HR about dress code policies. Never underdress. If it is not business professional, then it is business casual.

Internship Review

An internship should be viewed as a learning experience and should be taken seriously.

(Q.) What should you know about the company on your first day?

  • Everything! Make sure you know the ins and outs about the place you are interning for.

(Q.) Is an internship a real job?

  • Yes, an internship is a real job. Respect your time in the work force as an intern as if it was your real job. Keep up to standards. Notice the tasks of your fulltime coworkers and accept your future workload.

(Q.) What should I get out of this internship?

  • An internship gets your feet wet in the career field in which you want to be in. While gaining experience it also allows you to get a glimpse of your future job and see if its career route you want to stay on.


Networking should be seen as valuable knowledge and experiences to benefit you in the future.

(Q.) Is it about who you know and not what you know?

  • Make sure that your LinkedIn is up to date and up to par—is it ready for coworkers to view? Accept business cards so that you can add them as contacts later. Connect with those around you.
  • Be mindful of others, you are in a professional setting now. Be cautious of your words and actions.
  • Go out of your way to converse with your team members. Get to know them on a personal (with limitations) and professional level. Find that balance. Open up!

Time Management

This will keep you prepared and ready to take on your day. Think of your hours at the office as an agenda. Track your time wisely and be conscious of the amount of time you spend working on tasks.

(Q.) What is the differences between early, on time, and late?

Manage your time wisely whether it be tasks or arriving early to work and meetings. Never slack and always be mindful of deadlines.
Adapt quickly, be flexible, and manage all tasks quickly and efficiently.

Ask Lots of Questions

( Q.) When should you stop asking questions?

  • There are no bad questions while you are learning. You can never ask too many questions.
  • If you do not know the answers or need guidance, then ask for help.
  • Give and be open to constructive feedback during tasks. Allow others to explain your performance or how it could be better.

forthea intern programForthea's 2017 Summer Interns (aka Rock Stars). Don't hesitate to contact us for more information on Forthea's internship program.

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