The Modern Consumer Journey

With a variety of digital avenues at our fingertips, today’s consumer journey can look a multitude of ways. There could be 25 users who reach the same destination through 25 different paths and interactions. This is where extracting valuable data to understand the impact of each marketing channel is key.

Big data and advanced website analytics creates opportunity for businesses and marketers alike. Instead of simply targeting audiences in the broad sense, the landscape is shifting toward honing in on specific insights and results that leverage both the brand and the user experience. When the key value points of a marketing channel are tapped into, there is room for scalability and growth.

Understanding overarching trends and zeroing in on data that leads to opportunities is pivotal for creating an omnichannel marketing strategy that provides the consumer with a seamless experience.

Marketing Data Analytics

At a digital agency specializing in SEO and PPC, it’s vital to provide insight into user behavior and brand interactions through each channel. When a customer interacts with a brand online, what are they trying to find? Are they looking for a product, service, experience, or information? What brought them to a site? Did they start with an organic search, hop over to a social platform, conduct another search, click on a PPC ad, and then finally convert?

If conversions are important (and they are), then the data backing that user journey is invaluable. If we, as marketers, are going to multiply outcomes, then we need to be in tune with current and shifting trends, while seeking campaigns that deliver results. We must anticipate need for users at a high level. When we recognize patterns at a high level, we can create clear footwork for the end user.

Predictive Analytics is Here

Big data has put a spin on traditional and linear marketing funnels. With forecasting platforms and advanced web analytics providing attribution, the future of digital marketing circles around full-funnel marketing strategies and precision at each level. Tailoring online initiatives to each level of the customer journey is the cornerstone of building a long-term relationship, whether the customer is in the initial research phase or ready to make a purchase.

With forecasting on the marketing table, actively defining market segments and data sets is critical to overall success. Defined data points can provide a platform for opportunity, testing, and future goals. Predictive analytics is here. Understanding the implication of how past users interacted with a brand is imperative for moving forward, setting goals, and establishing the health of a campaign. Dissecting historical data, trends, attributes, and consumer behavior has launched a data revolution that has taken businesses, online marketing, and consumers by storm.

As predictive analytics and forecasting becomes widely adopted, stay tuned for shifts in marketing strategies and differences in user interactions. After all, the consumer journey is ever-evolving.

For more information on how advanced analytics forecasting can help your business, contact Forthea Interactive.

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