The Challenge

Kirby Corporation, a Fortune 1000 company, launched Diesel Dash in late 2020. The Diesel Dash e-commerce site ships diesel engine parts, oil, kits, and equipment to mechanics, truck drivers, and other diesel operators across the country. Diesel Dash’s business model filled a niche in the diesel engine service industry by providing access to tens of thousands of products available for quick shipping to customers.

Our main objective for Diesel Dash was increasing its PPC-driven monthly purchase revenue and reaching a 100% return on ad spend (ROAS) as well as increasing account registrations. This was a shift from our initial goal, which focused on brand awareness.

 PPC Agency of the Year 2022  PPC Agency of the Year 2022

The Client Diesel Dash - Driving Millions in Revenue from PPC Visit Site

Our solution.

Best PPC Campaign Finalist - US Search Awards

Our primary goal for Diesel Dash was to enhance its PPC-driven monthly purchase revenue and achieve a 100% return on ad spend (ROAS), along with boosting account registrations. To achieve this, our PPC experts devised a comprehensive plan focusing on revenue growth and increased e-commerce transactions. We implemented four campaign types—Google Search, Google Shopping, Display, and YouTube—to bolster revenue and meet our objectives.

As a result of this strategic shift, Diesel Dash experienced significant growth in account registrations, revenue, and ROAS. Forthea not only surpassed the target of achieving a 100% return on ad spend but also achieved an annual average ROAS of 177%, showcasing the effectiveness of our approach.

308%return on ad spend
What Makes This Solution Great


increase in revenue




account registrations

Best PPC Campaign

Best Use of Search: E-Commerce PPC (Finalist 2022)

Best PPC Campaign (Finalist 2022)

Implementation & Creativity
Google Search Strategy

We segmented out the top OEMs (Allison, Detroit, and Thermo King) on Google search ads into separate campaigns to provide greater control over the budget and test different strategies (budget, bidding, etc). This also meant that these main OEMs would not be competing against each other for spend or impressions within the same campaign. Within search campaigns, our ad copy has utilized tools such as Dynamic Keyword Insertion, questions, and noting same-day shipping.

Google Shopping Strategy

We launched Google shopping campaigns with select products and OEMs. The process was to first include high-revenue products across OEMs (which were put into separate ad groups). A secondary Shopping campaign was launched to provide groups with products between $10-$100 for OEMs such as Allison, Thermo King, Detroit, Deutz, and MTU. Recently, we started testing a Smart Shopping campaign with Thermo King and Allison products to increase our ROAS.

Google Display + YouTube

Display and YouTube campaigns primarily focused on prospecting (similar-to, custom intent) and Remarketing (abandoned carts, website page visitors) campaigns. We have been able to keep YouTube campaigns fresh by swapping out video assets periodically.

Targeting & Segmentation

Our strategy focused on segmenting out OEM targets based on part categories and price points. On Google search, we included both description keywords (Thermo King Water Pump) and corresponding part numbers (132269). As a niche industry, searchers often know what they need, presenting the opportunity to get in front of them when looking up part numbers. This strategy helped Diesel Dash face less competition and complemented our supplemental Google Shopping campaigns. When adding in these keywords (descriptions or part numbers), we first launched with higher-revenue items to help increase our revenue and ROAS on the products we pushed.

We brought Forthea in as a partner very early on in our journey to re-build our marketing program. It was without a doubt one of the best early decisions we made and since then have become an indispensable part of our extended marketing team and ongoing strategy. We've seen tremendous growth across all of our brands and they set the bar in terms of their professionalism and approach to their work. I would recommend the team at Forthea for any organization looking for a trusted partner to get them to their next phase of growth.

Director, Digital Marketing, Diesel Dash

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