Digital advertising is a high-impact business driver that is constantly evolving. Paid media and PPC programs must go beyond basic optimizations to involve an ongoing quantitative strategy focused on maximizing leads and sales.

PPC Agency of the Year 2022

Our PPC management approach applies sophisticated data-driven techniques and combines them with hands-on expertise and customization. We tailor paid media strategies based on your customer's user journey for a full-funnel perspective to generate leads that increase revenue.

I think of digital marketing programs like climbing a mountain. It takes a lot of hard work, effort, and trial and error to summit the top, and no two mountains are the same.

Davis Baker
The Forthea team was engaged from the beginning, seeking to understand our service model, KPIs, and buyer motivations. Forthea showed us how we could do better and made it happen. We are getting more attractive every month thanks to the thoughtful and systematic approach to working with us to reach our business goals.

Cindy Berger //

Marketing Director, Pure Dental Brands

Your trusted partner.

Our People, Your Team

Brands looking to accelerate paid media results come to us for expert-level strategy and unrivaled customer service. We are an extension of your company and by working together we build the perfect paid media mix to achieve results.

Dedicated Team Structure

Our team scales as you grow. From enterprise groups to SMB teams, your Forthea team is a dedicated group of specialists and account leadership with the goal of delivering unsurpassed customer service personalized to best serve your individual needs. We execute paid media programs backed by high professionalism and a focus toward measurable results.

Account Lead Project guidance, goal alignment, and team coordination
Paid Media Specialist Strategy development, implementation, and performance analysis
Analytics Specialist Data tracking + performance analysis

Meet your team

Our Paid Media toolbox.

Personas + Segmentation

We get to know the core of your customer and go beyond demographics and psychographics. With persona segmentation based in economics, our team uncovers the search vocabulary of the buyer and aligns it with your sales journey. This method sets the foundation for paid media campaigns built for every step in the funnel.

Personas + Segmentation

Keyword + Campaign Strategy

Smart keyword and campaign strategies are crucial for profit-driven paid media programs. We develop a custom roadmap based on your budget and sales goals to activate the right PPC mix to achieve results. We layer on additional ad types and Google beta programs as we take you up the advertising maturity curve.

Keyword + Campaign Strategy

Impact-Driven Analytics

True transformation happens when we connect data with decisions. By prioritizing revenue, our campaign analyses focus on how performance impacts results and the actionable steps we can take based on the data. Our team synthesizes online interactions with offline activities for a full view of how paid media impacts the bottom line.

Impact-Driven Analytics

Winner, winner.

5xincrease in conversion rate

CenterPoint Energy Turns up Lead-Gen with Multilayered Paid Media Mix

This enterprise energy services company needed a digital marketing partner with dedicated expertise to manage a regional campaign focused on driving leads for home HVAC sales, appliance repairs, and maintenance services.

We developed an objectives-driven paid media roadmap based on revenue goals and sales KPIs. We combined target segments and performance trends to design a multilayered paid search, remarketing, and display strategy that positioned efforts toward maximizing profit.

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Unmatched visibility.

We go beyond spreadsheets that only show traffic, clicks, and cost per click by interpreting performance trends for actionable insight.

Monthly Reporting That Matters to Your Bottom-line

With custom scorecards mapped to campaign roadmaps, we align results with future strategies to supercharge search engine marketing campaigns. Your team tracks meaningful indicators that measure leads, lead quality, and revenue driven from paid media.

RemarketingDisplayShopping + Product Listing Ads

Laser-focused advertising.


Stay engaged with your customers as they continue through the sales journey, improving conversion rates and boosting results from other paid media efforts with search and social remarketing.


Introduce your brand to new audiences across Google, Bing, Doubleclick, and other platforms and applications with image and video ads for visual impact. We go beyond impressions to maximize exposure with the right audience.

Shopping + Product Listing Ads

Optimize your e-commerce shopping ads and PLAs to exceed performance and sales goals. Stay ahead of evolving technology and gain a competitive advantage through a coordinated strategy and effective execution.

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What level of ad spend budget do you support?

Our team manages monthly paid media budgets from $5,000 to $500,000+. We will perform an audit of your current campaigns and research market potential to give you a recommended budget to support your corporate marketing goals and lead generation objectives.

How long will it take to see results?

Typically, paid media programs provide quick feedback on market trends, keyword performance, and lead volume. You should see benchmark results within the first 30 days and expect your team to make consistent ongoing optimizations. We recommend three months for a full view of what to expect from new or heavily optimized paid media programs.

Which industries do you specialize in?

Our team has over a decade of experience working with B2B and B2C companies that span multiple industries across SMB and enterprise, including AutomotiveLegal, and Multifamily Residential. Learn more about Who We Serve.

How does your team communicate with us and how often?

Your Account Lead will serve as the main point of contact and head of strategy. We offer multiple forms of ongoing communication including phone calls, email, project management platforms, and team collaboration tools.

Your team will be in touch on a weekly basis and schedule monthly reporting meetings. In addition, we host each client for a semi-annual deep dive to plan for upcoming campaigns and to uncover opportunities for growth.

What is call tracking and do I need it?

We require call tracking for businesses that generate phone calls through paid media campaigns. Your team tracks phone call leads back to their source and uses call recordings to help optimize campaigns for lead quality. Call tracking also allows us to analyze your conversations to find leading keywords and and opportunities for growth.

What level of reporting do you provide?

We provide monthly reports focused on qualitative and quantitative analysis. Reports share actionable insights from performance along with work completed, campaign metrics, and custom KPIs.

How is account management structured?

We are an extension of your company.

Your Forthea team will be structured based on the size and complexity of the program. Every client is provided with an Account Lead with a team of specialists and analytics engineers. Our teams work with fewer client accounts than typical digital agencies so that you benefit from strategic focus and more time spent working on your brand.

Do you provide access to data?

From billing to account management, we maintain 100% transparency. We work within your existing advertising and analytics accounts or help you create new ones from scratch. Your assets are yours to keep and you can access your accounts at any time.

How much work is outsourced, if any?

Our services are designed, built, and managed by our internal team and never outsourced. We sometimes connect our clients to partners for services outside our portfolio such as video production, photography, print/multimedia, etc.

Are you a Google-certified partner?


We maintain premier-level partnerships with Google, Bing, and other ad platforms. Our relationships with Google give us access to beta programs and market data that other agencies are missing.

Are your Paid Media Specialists certified in Google Ads?


Our specialists are required to maintain up-to-date certifications in Google Ads, Google Analytics, and other major search engines and advertising platforms.

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