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iHealth Labs is committed to helping people lead healthier lives and provides consumers with easy-to-use products to help manage their health. iHealth Labs designs and manufactures advanced, user-friendly, mobile personal healthcare products that connect to the cloud. Its’ products allow consumers to measure and track a full range of health vitals and share their data with healthcare professionals.

iHealth Labs came to Forthea during the coronavirus pandemic, looking for a digital marketing partner that specialized in paid media and advanced analytics to help get thermometers to people that need them and deliver a positive return on ad spend. Our main objective was to optimize existing digital advertising strategies, improve campaign efficiencies, and find new opportunities for growth while maintaining a cost per unit goal. Here is how Forthea harnessed increased demand during a global pandemic to achieve a 717% ROAS and help families across the country stay safe and healthy.

The Client E-Comm Paid Media Program to Achieve over 700% ROAS for iHealth Visit Site

Our solution.

Paid Media / PPC / Shopping / Paid Social

iHealth Labs, dedicated to promoting healthier lifestyles, produces user-friendly health management products connecting to the cloud. Amidst the pandemic, iHealth Labs sought Forthea's expertise in paid media and analytics to distribute thermometers effectively and ensure a positive return on ad spend.

Forthea's focus was on optimizing digital advertising, enhancing campaign efficiency, and identifying growth opportunities while adhering to cost per unit targets. This approach led to a remarkable 717% return on ad spend, aiding families nationwide in maintaining their safety and well-being during challenging times.

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717 %

return on ad spend

38 %

decrease in cost per unit


units sold

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