We are social creatures. The ability to share in real time creates a powerful connection with the world around us. Social advertising allows brands to attract and engage the right customers where they spend the most time.

PPC Agency of the Year 2023

A Finger on the Pulse of What Your Audiences Love

Smart brands recognize the power of personalization and extensive targeting that comes with paid social. Our approach integrates social media advertising as part of a robust paid media strategy focused on maximizing profit and brand reach.

Those who do not adapt will be left behind. I like to dedicate a portion of ad spend budget for testing because you never know how to improve without change.

Nathan Kelly

I feel very fortunate to have found Forthea as our digital partner, and fully trust their recommendations as I know they are watching out for the bottom line of our business.

Your trusted partner.

Our relationships become your competitive advantage.

Your dedicated service team works directly with social media partners like Facebook to stay ahead of trends, new technologies, and best practices so that you benefit from paid social campaigns that give insight into customers and markets.

We promise agency accountability by eliminating wasted budget and improving lead generation from paid social to help you master this ever-changing channel.

Account Lead

Project guidance, goal alignment, and team coordination

Paid Media Specialist

Strategy development, implementation, and performance analysis

Analytics Specialist

Data tracking + performance analysis

Meet Your Team
Our Paid Social toolbox.
Personas + Segmentation

Personas + Segmentation

We get to know the core of your customer and go beyond demographics and psychographics. Social media gives us extensive targeting capabilities and combined with persona segmentation based in economics, our team uncovers the right mix to support marketing objectives.

Social Platforms

Social Platforms

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest—not every platform will be a fit for your business. When we combine your unique buyer personas with messages that resonate on the platforms they love, we are able to get your ads the attention they deserve and the results to prove it.

Impact-Driven Analytics

Impact-Driven Analytics

True transformation happens when we connect data with decisions. By prioritizing revenue, our campaign analyses focus on how performance impacts results and the actionable steps we can take based on the data. Our team synthesizes online interactions with offline activities for a full view of how paid media impacts the bottom line.

14xreturn on ad spend
Crushing it.

Magical Winter Lights Crushes Attendance Goals

People Generation owns and operates one of the largest winter lights shows in Texas, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. As its digital marketing partner, we focus on growing online visibility and awareness of the event while generating ticket purchases online.

Our Paid Social team leveraged Facebook and Instagram campaigns to support paid search and display efforts. By prioritizing target personas and zip codes, we were able to drive a considerable return on ad spend and introduce more than 40,000 new Houstonians to a premier holiday festival through social channels.

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Next-level social metrics.

We inspect social performance for insights on engagement patterns along with opportunities for growth and additional A/B testing.

Measuring Social Love One Click at a Time

Our team reviews interaction quality indicators like comments/shares along with conversion performance. We go a step further and dig into persona engagement for data to support other paid media types.

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Which platforms do you advertise on?

We are Facebook partners and also work within Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Next Door.


What level of ad spend budget do you support?

Our team manages monthly paid media budgets from $5,000 to $500,000+. We will perform an audit of your current campaigns and research market potential to give you a recommended budget to support your corporate marketing goals and lead generation objectives.

How long will it take to see results?

Typically, paid social programs provide quick feedback on market trends, keyword performance, and lead volume. You should see benchmark results within the first 30 days and expect your team to make consistent ongoing optimizations. We recommend three months for a full view of what to expect from new or heavily optimized paid media programs.

Which industries do you specialize in?

Our team has over a decade of experience working with B2B and B2C companies that span multiple industries across SMB and enterprise, including Automotive, Legal, and Multifamily Residential. Learn more about Who We Serve.

How does your team communicate with us and how often?

Your Account Lead will serve as the main point of contact and head of strategy. We offer multiple forms of ongoing communication including phone calls, email, project management platforms, and team collaboration tools.

Your team will be in touch on a weekly basis and schedule monthly reporting meetings. In addition, we host each client for a semi-annual deep dive to plan for upcoming campaigns and to uncover opportunities for growth.

What is call tracking and do I need it?

We require call tracking for businesses that generate phone calls through paid media campaigns. Your team tracks phone call leads back to their source and uses call recordings to help optimize campaigns for lead quality. Call tracking also allows us to analyze your conversations to find leading keywords and and opportunities for growth.

What level of reporting do you provide?

We provide monthly reports focused on qualitative and quantitative analysis. Reports share actionable insights from performance along with work completed, campaign metrics, and custom KPIs.

How is account management structured?

We are an extension of your company.

Your Forthea team will be structured based on the size and complexity of the program. Every client is provided with an Account Lead with a team of specialists and analytics engineers. Our teams work with fewer client accounts than typical digital agencies so that you benefit from strategic focus and more time spent working on your brand.

Do you provide access to data?

From billing to account management, we maintain 100% transparency. We work within your existing advertising and analytics accounts or help you create new ones from scratch. Your assets are yours to keep and you can access your accounts at any time.

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