26 Mar 2020
Three Things to Consider for a Website Redesign
2 min read //Web

A new website is exciting but can also be overwhelming because there are so many moving parts. Our experience managing website redesign projects has taught us valuable lessons that we’ll pass along to…

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24 Mar 2020
Working from Home during the Coronavirus Outbreak: Best Practices to Stay Focused and Organized
4 min read //Culture

The workforce across the globe has made a drastic shift as many companies begin to follow the CDC’s recommendation of social distancing and are encouraging employees to work from home to prevent the spread…

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18 Mar 2020
5 Reasons to Avoid "Affordable SEO"
4 min read //SEO

You could argue that high quality search engine optimization (SEO) is more important than ever in an increasingly competitive online marketplace in combination with the high ROI of properly done SEO. You…

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20 Feb 2020
Attribution in Marketing: Who Did What?
4 min read //Analytics

What is attribution and how can it be impacting your marketing results? As digital marketers, we want to align every conversion to a specific channel. Our goal is to say that 100% of online leads came…

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29 Jan 2020
Why is Structured Data so Important?
3 min read //SEO

What is Structured Data and Why Is It Crucial?  When broken down structured data does what its name implies. It creates a “structure” for a search engine's algorithm. As it is a complex code built specifically…

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10 Jan 2020
5 Tips for Successfully Transitioning Accounts at an Agency
2 min read

Whether you are new to the world of agency life or have 12 years of experience, you'll probably have an account transition at some point during your career. It can be an exciting and stressful time as…

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25 Sep 2019
Google Announces Broad Core Algorithm Update This Week
1 min read //SEO

What Happened on September 24th, 2019 Yesterday morning the internet was notified of the September 2019 broad core algorithm update. This is the newest Google update and launched a few hours after the…

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26 Jun 2019
Preview Our Thoughts On The New Gallery Ads, Now in Beta
2 min read

What are gallery ads? First reported in early 2019, Google’s gallery ads are a series of images with search headlines. They are able to be shown on mobile devices when the advertiser has the absolute…

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29 Mar 2019
Google's Responsive Search Ads - What You Need to Know
1 min read

Fellow PPC specialists, they are finally here (drum roll, please…) Responsive Search Ads! Yes, we know you’re excited. But most importantly, are you ready? What Are Responsive Search Ads? Unlike your…

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15 Jan 2019
Why is Mobile-First Indexing so Important?
4 min read //SEO

Building a better website has become more challenging through the years, and crafting one that search engines like is even tougher. As search engine optimization tactics have come and gone, different industry…

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