17 Dec 2020
How To Improve Your SEO Strategy With Search Intent
2 min read Analytics

If you were to head to Google’s search bar right now and start typing “coffee...”, are you looking to buy some coffee? Are you looking for the Starbuck’s website? Or do you want to learn about... Read Article »

24 Nov 2020
The Benefits of Advertising on Bing
2 min read Paid Media

When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, most people think of Google Ads. Google’s advertising platform includes Google, YouTube, Gmail, the Google Display Network (GDN), and more. However... Read Article »

11 Nov 2020
5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Strategy with Hotjar
4 min read SEO

How does one create an effective SEO strategy? Determining user behavior and how they interact with your website is one of the best ways to boost your SEO strategy. At Forthea, we use a variety of too... Read Article »

30 Oct 2020
Choosing the Right Landing Page for your Ad
2 min read Paid Media

A paid media campaign can have optimized keywords and well-crafted ads, but if the landing page was a last-minute thought, campaigns will underperform as a result. When selecting landing pages for you... Read Article »

18 Sep 2020
In-House Vs. Agency Marketing
2 min read Culture

A common conundrum for many businesses is deciding between investing in an in-house marketing team or outsourcing marketing efforts to an agency. The impetus on having an appropriate marketing strateg... Read Article »

09 Sep 2020
Google Reduces Search Term Visibility
1 min read Paid Media

Just in…Google started reducing search term visibility for all advertisers What does this mean? Google has announced that they are updating the search terms report to only include terms that were se... Read Article »

27 Aug 2020
How Unanswered Calls Cost You Money
9 min read SEO

Business owners, we need to talk. And so do potential clients. They are trying to reach you because they have a problem, and you may be able to provide them with a solution. So today we are going to d... Read Article »

19 Aug 2020
Tips to Rank for Featured Snippets and Position 0
3 min read SEO

Position 0 search rankings and featured snippet search results are two of the easiest ways to improve the exposure of your brand’s site content. They put your website just one click away from potent... Read Article »

14 Aug 2020
How to Perform a Google Ads Account Audit in 15 Minutes
6 min read Paid Media

As a business owner or marketer, you’re busy. Managing a complex (or even simple) Google Ads program is a huge undertaking so you probably trust an in-house team, an agency, or a consultant to take ... Read Article »

22 Jul 2020
3 Tools To Identify Page Speed Opportunities
3 min read SEO

A fast-loading website improves your organic rankings by boosting the amount of organic traffic on your site and increasing the chances of users converting into paying customers. Web administrators se... Read Article »

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