27 Aug 2020
How Unanswered Calls Cost You Money
9 min read //SEO

Business owners, we need to talk. And so do potential clients. They are trying to reach you because they have a problem, and you may be able to provide them with a solution. So today we are going to discuss…

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19 Aug 2020
Tips to Rank for Featured Snippets and Position 0
3 min read //SEO

Position 0 search rankings and featured snippet search results are two of the easiest ways to improve the exposure of your brand’s site content. They put your website just one click away from potential…

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13 Aug 2020
How to Perform a Google Ads Account Audit in 15 Minutes
6 min read //Paid Media

As a business owner or marketer, you’re busy. Managing a complex (or even simple) Google Ads program is a huge undertaking so you probably trust an in-house team, an agency, or a consultant to take care…

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22 Jul 2020
3 Tools To Identify Page Speed Opportunities
3 min read //SEO

A fast-loading website improves your organic rankings by boosting the amount of organic traffic on your site and increasing the chances of users converting into paying customers. Web administrators search…

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10 Jul 2020
5 Reasons Why It's Important To Bid On Branded Terms
2 min read //Paid Media

One of the most frequently asked PPC questions we get from our clients is “Why should I bid on my brand name when I’m already ranking organically?” At Forthea, we have clients across all industries and…

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02 Jul 2020
Can I Trust My Digital Agency?
4 min read //Culture

Selecting a digital agency can be a daunting task since there are so many variables to consider. Aside from obvious considerations like location, cost (is the digital agency affordable?) and industry experience,…

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26 Jun 2020
The 5 Phases of Transparency in Digital Marketing Partnerships
6 min read //Culture

Why is it important to establish open communication and transparency with clients?   Every business strives to partner with a company that exercises open communication and transparency. Anyone who has…

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19 Jun 2020
Top 4 PPC Performance Metrics You Should Be Measuring
2 min read //Paid Media

 Marketers sometimes struggle with deciding which metrics are the most impactful to measure and track. Monitoring and understanding your paid media performance metrics are an absolute must in the game…

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04 Jun 2020
Tips for Using your Agency Hours Efficiently
2 min read //Culture

It’s common practice in this day and age to expect digital marketing services to be purchased in “hours” by an agency that you want to partner with. Think of this as the allotted time that marketing specialists…

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29 May 2020
How to Know What to Do on Paid Social
6 min read //Paid Media

Paid social or social media advertising has become almost a necessity for many businesses. A study in 2019 found that on average people spend almost 2 and a half hours on social media every day. With this…

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