14 Mar 2012
Top Five Entrepreneur Tips on Hiring Good People
1 min read

Our definition of an entrepreneur: Someone that can do everyone’s job on their staff, but no one that can do their job. Remembering this is important for entrepreneurs, since they tend to forget how... Read Article »

24 Jan 2012
The 4 Buyer Personas To Optimize For
3 min read Paid Media

Believe it or not, no matter how well you think your paid media campaign or landing page may be working, it can always be performing better. One BIG reason why it has yet to reach its potential is bec... Read Article »

23 Jan 2012
Which Keywords to Focus On in an SEO Campaign
2 min read SEO

One of the first steps in an organic SEO campaign is keyword research. You build your campaign with the keywords selected, and although monitoring performance and tweaking is part of ongoing SEO work,... Read Article »

18 Jan 2012
Keyword Match Types - Back to the Basics
2 min read SEO

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about match types and how they work. So in this post we are getting back to the basics with a quick explanation of keyword match types and why you might... Read Article »

14 Dec 2011
PPC Ad Writing 101
2 min read Paid Media

So you’re almost done with the perfect PPC campaign.  Tightly themed ad groups and every relevant keyword imaginable. That’s great, BUT your campaign won’t be successful if you’re not running... Read Article »

03 Oct 2011
Vertical vs. Horizontal Relevance Factors
2 min read Paid Media | SEO

Every paid search manager knows relevance is an important factor in quality score. In fact, it’s right behind Click-Through Rate in quality score factor importance. If you think understanding qualit... Read Article »

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