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Your business has grown exponentially over the years, yet you’re stuck in a rut. Your sales are good, but could be better and you’re beginning to feel like there is a disconnect between your brand and customers. If this sounds like your company, then it may be time to look into rebranding strategies.

Rebrands are hard work and shouldn’t be considered lightly, so we have put together a list of reasons for rebranding to help you decide if it’s the right move for your company.

Your Company Has Grown Beyond Its Original Scope

This is a good problem to have. However, if you are primarily known for Product A, but now offer Products B, C and D as well, it’s time to make sure that your customers are aware of all the great things you do.

If this is an issue, it could also be a good time to reassess your company name and how it can impact future SEO. Lean DomainName Mesh and Name Station are all good options for creating names, taking into account keywords and available domains.

Your Logo Is Dated

Ten years ago when you were working out of your garage and created a logo yourself, it worked just fine. You did the best you could (and even used trendy fonts), but now it’s time to step up your game. You may not want a totally different look, but modernizing key elements of the logo, such as color and font, can easily give your company a whole new feel. 99Designs and crowdSpring are two crowdsourcing design sites that give you access to hundreds of designers at a reasonable price.

Your Brand No Longer Appeals to Your Target Market

As businesses grow and evolve, it is possible that the target market may change. Whether the change was in the size of clients you work with, the type of product you sell, or the services you offer, it’s important to be sure you’re marketing to the right group.

It’s Hard to Explain Who You Are and What You Do

If you struggle to explain what your company does, then it may be time to simplify. Ideally you should be able to explain who you are and what you do in a quick 10 second elevator pitch.

There Has Been a Change in Command

A change in leadership can signify the perfect time for a rebrand. Many things in an organization will be changing, along with the leadership. A new identity can help give everyone a fresh start and accommodate the transition.

There Has Been a Merger or Acquisition

On the related, but opposite, end of the spectrum, mergers and acquisitions can also be the ideal time for a rebrand. While the acquirer generally maintains their brand, that doesn’t mean a rebrand shouldn’t be considered. Mergers can go either way, including the evolution of an entirely new brand, or at least a touch up to the message and identity.

Think of your brand as an asset that should work for you. If this blog post rings true for your company, then it’s time to consider a rebrand. The most important aspect is to build a lasting brand that is true to your company culture and clients. If you’re considering taking this step for your company, contact the experts at Forthea for a rebrand, or redesign, that’s right for you.

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