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How to Innovate Your Internet Marketing Company

How to Innovate Your Internet Marketing Company

A perpetually hot topic for internet marketing companies is how to innovate, and stay ahead of the competitive curve. If you attended a marketing class in school, some professor probably told you to “be first in the mind of the consumer”. The adage is still relevant. However, the context in which it exists has changed. Being first isn’t too difficult these days; but maintaining first and expanding your lead is! We would like to share a little insight into what helps us continue to grow so quickly.

Many companies seem to find innovation through two methods: planned and experienced. Respectively, let’s take a look at each one and how to best capitalize.

1)  Find the most difficult or time-consuming aspect of your business.
When planning to innovate, don’t be so hasty to break out the mind maps and coffee house sessions. Sometimes the easiest place to start is right in front of your nose. What is a task or process in your company that is time-consuming or labor intensive? Maybe it’s a TPS report from Office Space that you can automate. Perhaps how you take in customer relationship data needs to be more effectively organized. Also, how can you enhance the quality of your marketing services so it goes above and beyond your competitor’s offerings?

Things to keep in mind: Don’t sacrifice the quality of your work; make sure you are cognizant of the differences between improvement and short cuts. Real solutions must be a win-win scenario for your business, team members and clients.

2) Tweak, tinker and explore.
At our internet marketing firm, we’re big fans of Always Be Testing. The heart of this innovation methodology lies in being as curious and conscientious as you possibly can. Be on the lookout for new techniques to try in your disciplines. Look for information, hacks and tips that are actionable and could bring more customers or profit. Look for small refinements that will have measurable outcomes. Identify key emerging technologies that impact your business, and how they will contribute to your bottom line. As a marketer, this might mean you look for new techniques to improve your paid advertising conversions, or offer a new dimension of customer experience on your web site that competitors don’t have on theirs.

Things to keep in mind: Walk with purpose. Adjustments and experiments need to have clear benefits for profitability and productivity. Make sure the improvements will foster long-term success in your business.

Our internet marketing company enjoys the opportunities to innovate, and would love to help you do the same. Have you been an agent of innovation or is there something more you would like to see here? We want to hear about your story and experience.

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