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Holiday Marketing Tips & Strategies: 5 Trends You Need to Watch

Holiday Marketing Tips & Strategies: 5 Trends You Need to Watch

With the holiday sales rush right on our heels, let’s take time to refresh ourselves with some of the final marketing prep steps to look over.  Talking holiday marketing tips and strategies, an ounce of up front preparation is worth a pound of cure. These quick last minute reminders will help answer questions over social media marketing, search engine optimization and email marketing. Although stressful, the holidays are an exciting time of year for consumers and those in the growing world of online advertising and marketing!

Release the “SPECIALS”, but don’t hurt your profits

  • The holiday season is such a crucial time for brands and internet marketing.  Holiday marketing plans should have already been discussed and developed. Ideally, you should do this months or even a year in advance. A significant part of holiday marketing strategy involves budgeting for discounts, loss leaders and more. “Specials” should benefit the consumer first but at the same time shouldn’t put your company in any kind of bind or need to worry if they will profit from the forecasted sales.

Emails sell more than social media

  • Social Media is all around us today. This is a huge factor in the success of online marketing and generating numbers or traffic. All major brands, hopefully by now, have a Facebook page, Twitter account, and other outlets to announce upcoming Holiday Specials but it is found that over 4% of online visitors come from email while only 0.59% arrives via social media page or conversation. Both are useful tools to drive sales, combine both for your maximum return.

Mobile! Mobile! Mobile!

  • The popularity of smartphones with no surprise, continue to rise. More Americans own a smartphone than your average mobile. During the big Holiday season, we are always on the run; whether planning dinners and parties or the biggest challenge of all, gift shopping! People check the availability of the product online on the go via mobile device, be sure your site is ready to go come shopping season. The worst thing could be a slow moving site, driving away consumers. Try Google’s Page Speed Insights and ask a Forthea team member how you can implement the recommendations.

Master & respect the three holiday shopping “BIGS”

  • Here they are:

Black Friday – November 23

Cyber Monday – November 26

Small Business Saturday – November 24


Remember these three days of massive retail purchase activity. Besides the normal rush of the holiday season in sales, these three days in particular should be circled on all marketers’ calendars. Plan appropriate special incentives and offers surrounded and based on these days then see the success in numbers; nowhere does it say big nor small brands are excluded from these special days.


Customers appreciate consumer feedback

  • Like 90% of consumers out there, before a purchase, I make sure to read consumer reviews prior to the purchase. In one study, it showed 78% of buyers favored fellow consumer reviews or recommendations over ads. Make your presence known, and use the outlets like social media for a place where consumer can have a voice on your product.  Marketers and brands can learn from their consumers reviews despite some may be negative. Pay attention to feedback and direct your consumers to where they can leave reviews and feedback. 

Forthea’s mission is dedicated to helping clients achieve their full potential online through superior marketing that’s delivered with unsurpassed customer service and professionalism.


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