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Why BrightEdge Rocks for Search Engine Optimization Service Providers: And Why You Should Care

Why BrightEdge Rocks for Search Engine Optimization Service Providers: And Why You Should Care

BrightEdge LogoAs an agency that specializes in online digital marketing, it’s a good day when our specialists can say they took our ability to help clients to the next level. The announcement on May 2 of our new partnership with BrightEdge, the global leader in enterprise search engine optimization (SEO), was just such a day. For our existing and future SEO clients, the partnership with BrightEdge is news you should definitely care about. The partnership means we just turbocharged our ability to provide you with measureable results — using the same platform that’s employed by the world’s largest, most successful brands.

Small clients get the same advantages as Microsoft, Facebook, and American Express

Facebook. American Express. Twitter. Microsoft. E-Trade. SalesForce. Some of the biggest global brands use the BrightEdge SEO platform. Regardless of your size, you can now benefit from the same digital marketing technology advantages that are normally reserved for Fortune 500 companies. In the hyper-competitive interactive marketing space, that’s saying something. And that’s one of the reasons our partnership with BrightEdge is a big deal.

BrightEdge: the nuts and bolts

BrightEdge is a one-of-a-kind tool for SEO management. For those of you who don’t live and breathe SEO, BrightEdge rocks.With BrightEdge in our war chest, our clients will get more bang for their marketing buck. For those with search marketing chops, here’s a deeper dive into our supercharged advanced marketing analytics capabilities. In addition to blue link ranking, BrightEdge is the first SEO technology to provide a complete SEO picture through blended rank which delivers a complete placement tracking system for all types of search results, including carousel, videos, shopping, places, images, and sitelinks. BrightEdge uses these metrics and social components to create their proprietary Share of Voice metric, which gives you a complete snapshot of your online presence distilled down to a simple pie graph. As a result, our search engine optimization specialists can deliver higher-value results quicker and more efficiently:

  • Better, more targeted, more easily understood, and more actionable data from blended rank reporting, carousel reporting, and proprietary Share of Voice technology
  • Comprehensive solutions to secure search barriers, such as estimated keyword reporting, estimated traffic conversions, and revenue performance metrics
  • More accountability and greater insight into ROI from interactive marketing spends

At Forthea, we continually analyze the changing landscape of search engine marketing (SEM) and are constantly on the lookout for new digital marketing technology that improves the value and efficiency of SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The partnership with BrightEdge is a natural fit for us and represents the next evolution in our ability to drive measurable results for clients. For more information about how we merge traditional SEO with bleeding-edge data and analytics reporting, give us a call at 713-568-2763.

Forthea’s mission is dedicated to helping clients achieve their full potential online through superior marketing that’s delivered with unsurpassed customer service and professionalism.


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