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How to Boost Your ROI Using Multi-Location Call Tracking

How to Boost Your ROI Using Multi-Location Call Tracking

Attention, all businesses with multiple locations:

  • Are you currently employing call tracking metrics for your multi location marketing strategy?
  • Do you currently have a mobile site, complete with contact information for each location?

If you answered no to one, or both, of those questions, stick around to learn why they’re so important.

What is Call Tracking?

Before we dive in too deep, let’s first agree on what call tracking is, and why it is important. Forthea’s call tracking software works on two levels:

A simple web code rewrites phone numbers based on a user’s source, such as paid search (PPC, organic search (SEO) or social media.

A software platform records and tracks phone calls that use the rewritten phone numbers.

Basically, call tracking allows you to better understand your marketing. Are you beginning to see the importance? For a more detailed breakdown of how dynamic call tracking works, visit this earlier blog post from Forthea.

Now that we’ve got the importance of call tracking metrics down, let’s discuss the importance of a mobile site. Fun fact: for the first time ever, mobile search ad spend will surpass desktop search ad spend this year. This is a testament to just how many smartphones are in use around the world. Keep this in mind when considering your mobile site. In fact, let’s allow the numbers to speak for themselves:

  • 70% of mobile searchers use click-to-call in search to contact a business
  • 61% of customers feel it is important that a business includes a phone number on their website to call
  • 47% of mobile searchers move on to other brands if they are unable to find a phone number in their search results

So, we’ve established that both call tracking and mobile sites are important, now let’s combine the powers of the two for businesses with multiple locations. Why should you provide a unique phone number for each store location?

1) It’s easier on your customers. There is no confusion as to whether or not they are reaching the right location when they are clearly differentiated.

2) It’ll improve ROI. With a multi-location marketing strategy, knowing which campaigns are generating calls allows you to focus on what’s working.

Provide your customers with a high-quality experience by catching them at the source and making their search experience an easy process. Mobile search is only going to increase, so all businesses, multiple locations or otherwise, should take advantage.

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