29 Nov 2018
Digital Marketing Basics: What is PPC?
9 min read //Paid Media

What is Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)? PPC stands for pay-per-click, a mode of digital marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time an ad is clicked. This is a way to buy visits to your site rather…

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26 Nov 2018
A Better Agency: How To Show Tangible SEO Value To Clients
6 min read //SEO

This post is part of our series, A Better Agency, which looks at many of the different challenges that can arise when working with an agency, and what Forthea is doing to overcome it. Several factors contribute…

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01 Nov 2018
SEO Round-Up: October 2018 Edition
3 min read //SEO

October was a big month for the SEO world, with some important changes to the ever-shifting landscape. Here are some of the top events from October in our Forthea SEO Roundup. Google My Business Gets…

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29 Oct 2018
Are Your PPC Campaigns Ready for the Holidays?
3 min read //Paid Media

Right now you may be enjoying a scrumptious pumpkin spice latte, football, and maybe shopping online for your spooky Halloween costume. Speaking of spooky, we're also sure you’re getting ready for the…

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25 Oct 2018
Five Spooky SEO Scares and How to Avoid Them
4 min read //SEO

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re all in for a few scares to close out the month. But certain things come as an unwelcome surprise, especially in the world of SEO. Here are some of the most…

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23 Oct 2018
Top 5 Ways to Improve Google Search Impression Share
3 min read //Paid Media

The Importance of a Strong Impression Share Impression share is the basis for any successful paid search campaign. When comparing a Google Ads account to building a house, think of impression share as…

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02 Oct 2018
Smart Bidding Strategies for Google Ads: What They Do & Tips to Start Testing
6 min read //SEO

Imagine being able to generate a real-time, top bid for the best end-user right at their moment of conversion. This is something that normally would take hours of manual manipulation and testing to accomplish…

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27 Aug 2018
The Value of Video Part Two: Benefits of Video Marketing for Business
4 min read //SEO

Using video content has so many benefits for businesses because it opens up the opportunity to share information in a visual way. According to HubSpot, video is projected to claim more than 80% of all…

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08 Aug 2018
The Value of Video Part One: The Growth of Video & Increased User Engagement
4 min read //Paid Media|SEO

The Recent Growth of Video Content We see it everywhere in our daily lives. It’s engaging, interesting, and constantly moving- it’s video. From watching your favorite YouTuber to watching a live event…

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01 Aug 2018
An Intern's Take on 3 Common SEO Myths
2 min read //SEO

We have found that numerous individuals have so many things to say on SEO. Most which are funny to hear!  Myths are a very common when speaking about SEO and seem to never die down. We have listed the…

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