A common conundrum for many businesses is deciding between investing in an in-house marketing team or outsourcing marketing efforts to an agency. The impetus on having an appropriate marketing strategy for your brand is necessary and overwhelming, which makes this decision even more taxing. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of in-house marketing versus a digital agency to help you understand which approach is best for your business.

What in-house marketing has to offer

Opting for an in-house marketing team means your company will hire and train an individual or a team to handle marketing efforts instead of using a third party. The following are common traits found in an in-house marketing team.

Employees familiar with your industry and branding

The largest benefit of working with an in-house marketing team is that they can easily incorporate cohesive branding as they are already aligned with the company’s vision and goals. The in-house team is well-versed in the company’s industry with little to no learning curve due to a lack of industry knowledge.

Easy Communication

Communication with an in-house team can also be an easier process. With the team regularly working together in the same physical space, communication regarding deadlines, strategy shifts, and last-minute edits can be done in a short amount of time.


For many small businesses, hiring a small team or dividing marketing responsibilities among current employees is more affordable than outsourcing to an agency. However, as your business grows and your marketing program matures, the talent needed to see continued success may no longer be attainable with your in-house team.

What you can gain from working with an agency

Agency marketing means your company hires a specialized and dedicated third party to manage marketing strategy and tactics. The following are reasons why partnering with an agency may be the best choice for your company.

Top-tier talent and expertise

An agency’s talent pool is one of its most valuable assets. The skills and experience of these individuals breed a community of highly specialized expertise. An agency environment allows team members to lean on peers and draw from different perspectives.

Access to enterprise tools

Agencies have a plethora of tools and platforms they use to analyze data, measure results, and monitor campaigns. They use the latest technology to stay ahead of the curve which provides their clients with acute insights into marketing performance. Agencies also have access to dedicated representatives from major advertising platforms, which allows clients access to beta-testing new products or individual account attention that is not available to the public. Digital agencies are at the forefront of advertising trends and industry standards because they have the time and resources to invest in seeking, testing, and analyzing new opportunities. Their depth of exposure to varying tactics and strategies allows for a vast well of information to pull from.

Elevate your digital marketing

Choosing an option that best fits your company and brand can be taxing but by evaluating your budget, current resources, and available tools you will be able to make the best decision. Now that you know the benefits of partnering with an agency contact us today and gain access to tools, insights, and Houston’s top digital marketers. Who are ready to elevate your digital marketing game today!

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