A paid media campaign can have optimized keywords and well-crafted ads, but if the landing page was a last-minute thought, campaigns will underperform as a result. When selecting landing pages for your PPC campaigns make sure to follow the tips below to get the maximum return from your marketing efforts.

1. Cohesive Messaging

Ad copy messaging and landing page content should be relevant to one another. If the ad is addressing a free trial, the landing page should also echo this promotion. If there’s a disconnect between what the ad and landing page states, users may leave and visit a competitor instead. This also ties into making sure that ads are sending users to the right page to match their needs. If someone is looking for pricing, sending them to the about us page won’t make sense. Especially if there’s a dedicated pricing page on the site. Taking the time to review ad copy and landing page content will help improve user performance.

2. Speak to the Audience

Optimizing landing pages that speak to a targeted audience can produce better results versus using a general landing page. An accounting software company, for example, might have specific landing pages geared towards entrepreneurs, small businesses, or large businesses, as these users will have different needs, concerns, or questions. Using these pages with the right ad copy messaging will help in generating leads. These targeted pages work best when starting with audiences that generate a high volume of clicks.

3. Call-to-Action (CTA)

Having a clear and defined call to action tells users exactly what to do once they get to the page. Want users to sign up for a free trial, request a demo, schedule an appointment, or make a purchase? An explicit CTA will reduce the chance of users navigating away and not taking the desired action. Placement is also important, and the CTA should be accessible without the user having to scroll down the page. Also, make sure the phone number is placed within the header or footer of the site.

4. Build Trust

With more businesses turning to digital marketing, it’s important now more than ever to incorporate trust signals. Client testimonials, client logos, case studies, product guarantees, or warranties can all improve credibility. Even business stats like the number of clients, cost savings, awards, and certifications can positively impact general reputation. If users don’t trust a company, they won’t want to work with them.

5. Compelling Visuals

Descriptive content with images or videos are always more valuable when paired together with text content. The visuals should relate to the service or product offering and make sense. If the offering is tangible, like a vehicle or furniture, have images of the product. Even using video to convey a complex idea, like loans or software can help improve the overall messaging. Unless there are no other options, it’s best to avoid stock images and instead use visuals of the actual product or service being used.

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