02 Jul 2020
Can I Trust My Digital Agency?
5 min read Culture

Selecting a digital agency can be a daunting task since there are so many variables to consider. Aside from obvious considerations like location, cost (is the digital agency affordable?) and industr... Read Article »

26 Jun 2020
The 5 Phases of Transparency in Digital Marketing Partnerships
6 min read Culture

Why is it important to establish open communication and transparency with clients?  Every business strives to partner with a company that exercises open communication and transparency. Anyone who has... Read Article »

19 Jun 2020
Top 4 PPC Performance Metrics You Should Be Measuring
2 min read Paid Media

Marketers sometimes struggle with deciding which metrics are the most impactful to measure and track. Monitoring and understanding your paid media performance metrics are an absolute must in the game ... Read Article »

04 Jun 2020
Tips for Using your Agency Hours Efficiently
2 min read Culture

It’s common practice in this day and age to expect digital marketing services to be purchased in “hours” by an agency that you want to partner with. Think of this as the allotted time that marke... Read Article »

29 May 2020
How to Know What to Do on Paid Social
6 min read Paid Media

Paid social or social media advertising has become almost a necessity for many businesses. A study in 2019 found that on average people spend almost 2 and a half hours on social media every day. With ... Read Article »

27 May 2020
Effective Ways to Manage Anxiety During COVID-19
4 min read Culture

During a natural disaster or an outbreak, like coronavirus, many people can experience an increase in stress and anxiety. For those who already struggle with an anxiety disorder or depression, the qua... Read Article »

08 May 2020
Houston's Greatest Virtual Tours 2020
3 min read Culture

Houstonians have been quarantining for quite some time now due to the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing has many of us going stir crazy, running out of ways to entertain ourselves and the people... Read Article »

06 May 2020
Cut the Fluff & Get Smart: How to Tighten Up PPC When Demand Is Down
3 min read Paid Media

Across industries, businesses experience seasonality where demand is higher or lower based on factors such as time of year. Seasonality varies across industries - peak season for one industry may be s... Read Article »

28 Apr 2020
If Your SEO Agency Is Doing This, It's A Red Flag
5 min read SEO

SEO is booming business driver for many companies that has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. With each day that passes, Google updates, new algorithms, and shiny new tools grace our scre... Read Article »

14 Apr 2020
See the Impact of COVID-19 Unfolding by Industry in Real Time
3 min read Analytics

The most valuable thing we need during this time of uncertainty surrounding coronavirus is information. We want to know how to keep our families healthy and safe. We want to know how much worse things... Read Article »

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