12 May 2022
5 Easy Steps to Facebook Marketing Success for Beginners
7 min read //Paid Media

If you’re like nearly everyone else out there, you’ve probably used Facebook before. Still the most popular social media site on the planet, Facebook’s significant (and nearly constantly engaged) audience…

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13 Apr 2022
Top PPC Performance Metrics You Should Be Monitoring – Part 2: User Behavior Metrics
3 min read //Paid Media

In Part 1, we reviewed top metrics that are higher level and controlled within the Google Ads account. Now let’s take a look at those metrics that have to do with user behavior once on the site. Conversions Conversions…

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10 Mar 2022
Top PPC Performance Metrics You Should Be Monitoring – Part 1: Account-Level Metrics
4 min read //Paid Media

Digital marketing is everywhere, from ads on the search results page to banners on many of the apps you use. Consumers are often saturated with ads and pay hardly any regard to most of them. This is where…

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17 Feb 2022
How to Optimize for Voice Search In 2022
5 min read //SEO

The popularity of voice search has been on a continuous rise for years and shows no signs of stopping. With the speed and ease of voice search, users are finding it to be the most convenient way to engage…

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26 Jan 2022
Top 5 SEO Myths to Ignore
3 min read //SEO

Long-standing misconceptions exist in every industry. These beliefs usually originate from either outdated information, general confusion, or even unintended miscommunication passed along without any verification.…

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10 Nov 2021
Leveraging LinkedIn For B2B Advertising
9 min read //Paid Media

One of the most important questions asked at the onset of a marketing strategy is “Who is our target persona?” When it comes to consumer-facing products and services, the question is simple to answer -…

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03 Aug 2021
Forthea's 15th Birthday
1 min read //Culture

15 Years of Joy, Growth, and Dedication  Forthea celebrates 15 years of dedicated service to the nation’s leading brands, delivering effective digital marketing strategies with unrivaled client service…

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17 Jun 2021
PPC Automation –Auto Bidding Strategies
5 min read //Paid Media

Whether you are just starting off with Google Ads or managing multiple accounts at a Digital Marketing Agency, Paid Search Specialists are finding themselves in a unique balance of control vs. automation…

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17 May 2021
10 Tips for Managing Your Time Effectively in the Workplace
4 min read //Culture

In a time like now, where most people are working from home and having to be super disciplined about managing their day, it is important to be efficient with your time. Proper time management will help…

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29 Mar 2021
10 Must-See Public Artworks in Houston
5 min read //Culture

As our city and community continue to bunker down and fight our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are looking for ways to stay sane and find inspiration. That’s why now more than ever, art…

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