09 Apr 2013
12 Surely Inspiring David Ogilvy Quotes
2 min read

Gone for almost 14 years, David Ogilvy remains one of the most famous names in advertising and one of its dominant thinkers. Considered the "father of advertising", Ogilvy still sparks creativity and workplace…

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27 Dec 2012
Key Takeaways From The Google Engage All-Stars Summit: Part Three
2 min read //Paid Media|SEO

Our previous posts about the Google Engage All-Stars Summit highlighted presentations by John Nicoletti, Grace Dolan and Allison Ember. We learned a great deal about Google products and market trends and…

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18 Jul 2012
SEO News & Tips You Might Have Missed
2 min read //SEO

Keeping up with SEO news and tips posted on the web could easily turn into a full-time job, leaving you little time for your own work.  Yet, if your work involves search engine optimization, you know how…

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10 May 2012
Penguin Brings Attention to Negative SEO
2 min read //SEO

By now just about everyone working in SEO knows about Google’s Penguin update targeting web spam. Many say Penguin made a mess of search. It sure shook up the SEO world. Industry forums were flooded with…

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24 Apr 2012
Don’t Have a Google Adwords Rep? Don’t Worry. Here’s How I Made the Best of It:
2 min read //Paid Media

When there’s a way to get a leg up on the competition, PPC advertisers know they’d better take advantage of it. One of the most sought after advantages in the PPC world is to have a dedicated Google Adwords…

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23 Apr 2012
Google Search Updates: How to Maintain Your Sanity & Move Forward
1 min read //SEO

If you feel frustrated trying to keep up with Google’s search updates, you are not alone. But if you often need to alter how you provide quality SEO work due to those changes, maybe it’s time to stop and…

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17 Apr 2012
Roping in your Brand Reviews Online
1 min read

One of the most important ways to manage your brand online is to continually see what reviews are made about your brand or product on the Internet. Reviews are listed on sites such as TripAdvisor, social…

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20 Mar 2012
The Top Three AdWords Mistakes for Dummies
2 min read //Paid Media

A good amount of clients we work with have already tried to create a PPC strategy on their own. With managing new hires, to payroll, entrepreneurs realize there is only so much they can do in one day.…

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14 Mar 2012
Top Five Entrepreneur Tips on Hiring Good People
1 min read

Our definition of an entrepreneur: Someone that can do everyone’s job on their staff, but no one that can do their job. Remembering this is important for entrepreneurs, since they tend to forget how important…

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24 Jan 2012
The 4 Personas To Optimize For
1 min read //Paid Media

Believe it or not, no matter how well you think your PPC campaign or landing page may be working at this point, it can always be performing better. One BIG reason why it has yet to reach its potential…

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