Welcome to another Forthea Friday! It feels like we say this in every Forthea Friday post, but between our big office move and the holiday season, things have been busy around here! Speaking of our big move, Forthea has relocated to 2727 Allen Parkway next to the AIG building. We can't wait to share some more photos of our new space and (eventually) break her in with a party! On top of relocating, we also had our annual holiday party, attended the State of Search conference in Dallas, attended a Google Account Management Immersion training in Fort Lauderdale and threw in a jam session or two. Training remains an important part of our culture even when times get busy. Continuous improvement is one of our core values, after all!

Started From the Bottom Now We're Here

After five years at our suite off 3355 W. Alabama St. we were sad to face the inevitable. We had outgrown the space, though, and why have a single suite when you can have an entire floor to yourself? That's right, we have the entire 12th floor at our new location, which means no more neighboring suites to disrupt - bring on the office parties! Here is a photo of the moving madness (*cough*pranking*cough* we endured the week before Thanksgiving:

We were very excited for our first day at the new office! Here is a photo of Chris leading a tour through our lobby: new-office-tourThe view might be the best part, but it's hard to say because the office is seriously amazing. We actually have an entire room for our ping pong table.

Annual Holiday Party

'Tis the season to gorge on guacamole and laugh your way through white elephant, right? Our annual holiday party took place at Pappasitos (yum) and included an awards ceremony to honor our top performers as well as a good ol' fashioned game of white elephant.

Continuous Improvement

As mentioned, continuous improvement is one of our core values here at Forthea. Good enough is never a long-term strategy or state of being. We're dedicated to both doing things better and finding better ways of doing things. Q4 has been filled with a lot of training opportunities for the team internally and externally. For starters, we sent a few Fortheans out to the State of Search conference in Dallas where top names in the industry spoke on SEO and SEM trends and strategies. Check out Nathan's post recapping Gary Illyes' keynote on the movement towards mobile. Fortheans taking a break from learning at the State of Search conference:

We also sent Account Managers, Emily and Roberta, and Digital Marketing Specialist, Jennie, to Google's Account Management Immersion training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The all-day training helped better equip our client-facing Fortheans with a deeper understanding of client goals, new product solutions and the ability to identify growth opportunities. A trip to Florida wouldn't be complete without sticking our toes in the sand:

There was also internal training taking place including a jam session (lunch and learn) covering the Google Guru training sessions that Lead Developer, Chad, and Digital Marketing Specialist, Chrysah, attended in Sunnyvale, California. In the jam we learned about a formula to calculate the ideal mobile bid adjustment and how to have a properly optimized website for mobile.

We're Jammin' and Hope You Like Jammin' Too

What's truly special about Forthea is our family environment. We all genuinely like each other and enjoy coming to work every day. Singalongs are not an uncommon occurrence in the bullpen. Everyone here loves music! So naturally, we've not-so-carefully curated a Forthea Spotify playlist. You can really tell our different personality types as you skip through the songs. Take a listen: https://open.spotify.com/user/1211597121/playlist/3ZiwaiMlTFR7guncNwW9qt

We're Hiring!
Wow, that was a lot of excitement to summarize. We're looking forward to a relaxing holiday, but excited for Q1! If you're interested in joining our fun team then check out our current openings. We are always looking for top talent!

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