We believe that simplifying measurement complexities is what leads to digital marketing effectiveness. From first touch to last click, our goal is to decode customer acquisition for improved business performance.

Business Intelligence and Marketing Performance Insights 

We are data scientists helping brands merge performance analytics with marketing data to capture true marketing ROI, drive profitability, and better compete in challenging markets.

Part of our approach is a deep dive into search behavior, digital campaign performance, and website data for insights that tell a story. We then measure this against your business strategy and sales goals to build marketing analytics dashboards that deliver actionable insights.

Analytics has revolutionized how MLB and NBA games are played, from player selection to shot selection, from offense to defense. We're doing the same for big and small businesses with our analytics strategies and tactics.

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Rex Du, Ph.D.
Forthea has been a pivotal part of the continued maturity of our web analytics program, helping us architect Google Analytics and the data layer in a way that allows us to gain meaningful insight. They implement solutions quickly and effectively, always keeping our larger strategy in mind and focusing on the details that matter.

Emily Nelson //

Manager, Digital Marketing, Service Corporation International

Your trusted partner.

Skilled Analysts on Every Team

We organize each dedicated account team with seasoned analysts that dig into your data for actionable insights. By applying science creatively, our engineers can uncover deep insights, trends, and opportunities that your team will use to transform campaigns.

Many agencies claim to be data-driven, but at Forthea, we are data-integrated.

Account Lead Project guidance, goal alignment, and team coordination
Analytics Lead Strategic guidance + data analysis
Analytics Specialist Strategic implementation + performance analysis

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Our Analytics toolbox.

Google Analytics / GA4

Analyzing website data begins with proper tracking and attribution. From first click to last touch, we cover the basics with goals/filters/views and UTM parameters then configure GA4 to support your digital marketing objectives and revenue goals.

Google Analytics / GA4

Google Tag Manager

GTM enables us to manage your pixel universe across websites and platforms. The power of centralized pixel management enables us to optimize for specific trigger rules and actions that support digital campaign objectives.

Google Tag Manager

Looker Studio (Google Data Studio)

True transformation happens when we connect data with decisions. We unlock its power by consolidating data sources like Google Analytics, Google Ads, CRMs, and more into a single platform for improved decision making.

Looker Studio (Google Data Studio)

Conversion Tracking

Our funnel-focused perspective to analytics begins with robust conversion tracking. From phone calls and web forms to specific page visits and session analysis, we help you visualize the prospect journey to optimize for maximum revenue gains.

Conversion Tracking

Nailed It.

86xreturn on ad spend

Analytics Uncovers Massive ROI for Hanover Company

Digital marketing is a critical business driver for this national top 15 multifamily developer. Our team drives millions of dollars of revenue each year through hyperlocal paid media and SEO campaigns focused on profitability and keeping occupancy rates high.

Part of our analytics approach is to regularly organize massive amounts of campaign and traffic data to help Hanover optimize digital marketing budgets and maximize profitability. By distilling conversion data by channel and synthesizing it with revenue and gross margin, we are able to capture true marketing ROI for annual budget planning.

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Undeniable results.

We go beyond basic Google Analytics exports and automated reporting to deliver actionable analytics. Instead, we track meaningful performance indicators that measure leads, lead quality, and revenue driven from digital marketing channels.

Data That Matters to Your Business

Our team will sit down with you and uncover which metrics make the most sense for your business goals. This allows us to build dashboards and monthly reports that help you make more informed strategic decisions.

Website Performance AnalyticsMarketing Performance AnalyticsAdvanced Marketing Analytics

Data science.

Website Performance Analytics

We work within your analytics platform connecting data to decisions. Our expertise includes Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Bizible, and more.

We uncover unique insights by reviewing:

  • Data Integrity and Tracking Optimization
  • Custom KPIs and Marketing Measurement
  • Visitor Behavior and Session Analysis
  • Tag Management
  • CRM Integration
  • Monthly Reporting + Analysis

Marketing Performance Analytics

We integrate your omnichannel campaign performance for a full picture of how each channel is performing and build out data-driven channel optimizations.

Get the most from your marketing program with our:

  • Website Tracking
  • Paid Search Tracking
  • Display Platforms
  • SEO Campaign Tracking
  • Social Media Tracking
  • Referral Tracking
  • Monthly Reporting + Analysis

Advanced Marketing Analytics

Our Ph.D. data scientists uncover deep insights, trends, and opportunities from your marketing and website data.

We invest in proprietary methods and technology to help brands solve complex marketing challenges, including:

  • Media Mix Modeling
  • Multi-Touch Attribution
  • Search Based Market Intelligence
  • Paid Media Budget Analysis
  • Brand Health Tracking
  • Lead Scoring Models
  • Customer Segmentation

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What is Google Tag Manager and how does it work?

GTM is a platform to manage analytics and other tracking elements. Benefits include:

  • More efficient way to manage Google Analytics
  • Adds much more flexibility when it comes to adding custom GA tracking components (events, goals, etc.)
  • Manage all publisher pixels via GTM (retargeting, conversion, call tracking, etc.)

GTM can easily be installed with a small script added to the <head> of your site's source code. All configuration is then done in the GTM dashboard.

What is call tracking and do I need it?

We require call tracking for businesses that generate phone calls through paid media campaigns. Your team tracks phone call leads back to their source and uses call recordings to help optimize campaigns for lead quality. Call tracking also allows us to analyze your conversations to find leading keywords and and opportunities for growth.

Which industries do you specialize in?

Our team has over a decade of experience working with B2B and B2C companies that span multiple industries across SMB and enterprise, including AutomotiveLegal, and Multifamily Residential. Learn more about Who We Serve.

What is the difference between reporting and analytics?

We look at reporting as showing what is happening with your digital marketing campaigns. Analytics tells more of a story, explaining why things are happening. Our reports translate data into information and our analytics offers recommendations to drive action.

How does your team communicate with us and how often?

Your Account Lead will serve as the main point of contact and head of strategy. We offer multiple forms of ongoing communication including phone calls, email, project management platforms, and team collaboration tools.

Your team will be in touch on a weekly basis and schedule monthly reporting meetings. In addition, we host each client for a semi-annual deep dive to plan for upcoming campaigns and to uncover opportunities for growth.

What level of reporting do you provide?

We provide monthly reports focused on qualitative and quantitative analysis. Reports share actionable insights from performance along with work completed, campaign metrics, and custom KPIs.

How is account management structured?

We are an extension of your company.

Your Forthea team will be structured based on the size and complexity of the program. Every client is provided with an Account Lead with a team of specialists and analytics engineers. Our teams work with fewer client accounts than typical digital agencies so that you benefit from strategic focus and more time spent working on your brand.

Do you provide access to data?


From billing to account management, we maintain 100% transparency. We work within your existing advertising and analytics accounts or help you create new ones from scratch. Your assets are yours to keep and you can access your accounts at any time.

Are you a Google-certified partner?


We maintain premier-level partnerships with Google and Bing. Our relationships with Google give us access to beta programs and market data that other agencies are missing.

Are your Analytics Specialists certified in Google Analytics?


Our specialists are required to maintain up-to-date certifications in Google Analytics and other major search engines.

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