The Challenge

Since 1906, Cemex has grown to one of the top global building materials companies in the world (Fortune 1000). Forthea has been partnered with Cemex USA as its digital marketing agency for over a decade.

Ready-mix concrete products are one of Cemex’s most significant business lines. The high search volume for ready-mix concrete products across the United States markets indicated there was a significant opportunity to increase leads for Cemex, whose global footprint could help those in need of a localized solution.

Forthea developed a nationwide multi-market PPC program focused on increasing individual location sales goals, improving past performance KPIs, and delivering campaign objectives.

PPC Campaign of the Year Finalist 2023 PPC Campaign of the Year Finalist 2023

The Client Cemex - Concrete PPC Growth for Ready-Mix
  • IndustryConstruction
  • Location Houston, TX
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Our solution.

Best PPC Campaign Finalist - US Search Awards

Since 1906, Cemex has grown to one of the top global building materials companies in the world (Fortune 1000).Forthea has stood as Cemex USA's digital marketing agency partner for more than a decade, fostering a deep and successful collaboration.

During this partnership, Forthea crafted a nationwide, multi-market PPC program with a focus on achieving individual location sales goals, enhancing past performance KPIs, and meeting campaign objectives. Through targeted paid search campaigns directing traffic to geo-focused microsites, we effectively bridged the gap between a global brand like Cemex and users at an incredibly localized level.

37xreturn on ad spend
What Makes This Solution Great


total leads

44 %

conversion rate

$ 6

cost per conversion

PPC Agency of the Year (Winner 2023)

PPC Campaign of the Year (Finalist 2023)

Best Use of Search: B2B PPC (Finalist 2023)

Best PPC Campaign - Forthea & Cemex (Finalist 2023)

Paid Search CampaignsLanding Page ExperienceTarget AudienceSEO Support for User ExperienceMobile-First Acquisition StrategyCreative + Content Development

Award Winning PPC Strategies.

Paid Search Campaigns

The PPC program was built as a three-pronged campaign-type structure. This combination of channels is highly effective at capturing active, bottom-funnel traffic and nurturing these leads with relevant and specific ad copy that provides the user with pertinent information and a reason to convert.

  • Brand Search 

Capture Cemex branded search demand to control competitor conquesting (competitors bidding on Cemex keywords) and connect users to the correct website content.

  • Non-brand Ready-Mix Search 

Capture non-brand (keywords without “Cemex”) and categorical searches for ready-mix keyword variations.

  • Non-brand Conquest

Used both for lead generation and brand awareness for users who are searching for key competitors in select markets (for example: Robertson’s Ready-Mix in Los Angeles)

Landing Page Experience

Our approach was to create ad copy and landing pages as relevant as possible to the user’s search query, location/proximity, and device type to drive conversions (phone calls and quote requests).

Using our paid search campaigns to capture brand and non-brand traffic delivered to geo-focused microsites, we could effectively connect a global brand (Cemex) to users at an extremely localized level.

We integrated the Google Ads program with Google Business Profiles (formerly Google My Business), to connect searchers with the nearest plants directly from the ad copy.

PPC Campaign of the Year 2023

Target Audience

The target audience for these campaigns included professional builders and distributors with a sub-segment of ready-mix contractors and DIY customers. Our estimated audience size was 35,290.

SEO Support for User Experience

  • Site Restructure + Optimization: Crawlability is essential for SEO to index more pages in search results and provide a way for users to easily find what they're looking for, which directly affects engagement.
  • Keyword Targeting: We focused on hyperlocal long-tail keywords along with featured snippet results, resulting in higher click-through-rate.
  • Local SEO + Content: Local listings provide conversions across multiple channels, which result in expanding footprint locally and globally. We also identified strategic content that competitors were not capitalizing on to attract more visitors.

Mobile-First Acquisition Strategy

Given historical and forecasted performance and search demand, our team developed a mobile-first strategy to drive new customer acquisition via brand, non-brand paid search, and remarketing campaigns.

Creative + Content Development

Creative implementation focused on testing relevant and action-oriented ad copy.

Our ad copy was developed in each market to balance Cemex brand awareness and its local presence along with pushing bottom-funnel action via phone calls or quote requests.

To boost relevancy, ad copy leveraged the searcher’s query (keyword/intent), dynamically adjusted headlines and description lines based on the user’s location, along with device type and previous brand engagement to boost CTR and engagement.

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