The Challenge

The Dinerstein Companies is one of the top 25 largest multifamily developers of the nation’s finest apartment communities. Forthea partners with TDC to provide multifamily digital marketing services for its portfolio of luxury apartment properties and student housing communities.

Aspire Post Oak is considered one of the most upscale rental properties in the Houston market, featuring unrivalled amenities, spectacular views of the city, and custom penthouse units. We were challenged with setting PPC campaign targets for this new property with zero established online visibility. Our main objectives were to promote leasing awareness while also driving a high volume of conversions.

Best Use of Search: Real Estate and Property 2022

The Client Strategic Income Targeting for Luxury High-Rise Visit Site

Our solution.

Best Use of Search Winner - Real Estate & Property

Aspire Post Oak appeals to renters with a household income (HHI) of $150K or more. Our approach to targeting was specific to both audience demographics and keywords for search and custom audience targeting on display. In addition, luxury ad copy and imagery played a key role in attracting high income renters. We built a strategy to negate all users who fall within the lower 50% HHI demographic audience. While this isn’t a guarantee to reduce low income users, we felt that combined with a negative keyword list (cheap, affordable, or queries with price qualifiers), it would increase our campaign efficiencies. After determining initial audience filtering, we decided to split our search strategy into two campaigns to be more purposeful with our keyword strategy.

Overall, the PPC campaigns drove 49,000 ad impressions and 7,000 ad clicks over a seven-month timeframe. This was an average click-through rate of 14%, indicating that we hit above industry average targets for the property.

Our main indicator of success was achieving a 5.06% average conversion rate for search, which indicated that we were reaching double the average for the industry (Wordstream 2.47%). We found our highest success with the nationwide campaign, with a 5.76% average conversion rate. This resulted in hundreds of apply now converstions for the property, helping to keep it leased up!

200%increase in conversion rate
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monthly apply now clicks

5.2 %

conversion rate


monthly website visitors

Best Use of Search: Real Estate & Property (Winner 2022)

Our Digital Marketing Strategy
Nationwide Targeting

Search Campaign #1 was targeted the U.S. knowing that many prospective renters may be moving to Houston from other states (California, New York, or Illinois) or more locally from Texas. We included location-specific keywords using Houston as a keyword modifier while also using words that could indicate high intent (high-rise apartments Houston) or could indicate HHI (upscale apartments in Houston or penthouse apartments Houston).

Local Targeting

Search Campaign #2 was set to target affluent searchers in Houston. We targeted a 7-mile radius around the property with location-specific keywords that would show high intent (such as high-rise apartments, luxury apartments, or penthouse apartments) or specific to the affluent local neighborhood. To prevent results from local users who are looking for an apartment in another market, we also made sure to layer on a negative keyword list of top cities, states, and Houston suburbs to prevent irrelevant searches.

Google Display Strategy

We created a Custom Audience using our search keywords to reach them through Responsive Display Ads as they interacted with their favorite websites and mobile apps. Also, wcreated a Custom Audience using the URLs of our top competitors in the market (high-end, high-rise apartment buildings). The intent for this ad group was to reach users who visit similar websites as a way to build brand awareness.

Creative Design

The search ad copy heavily invested in advertising three items: lifestyle, interiors, and location. We refrained from using any language that would suggest leasing specials or pricing as a means to convey that this was not an ordinary apartment property. For the Display campaign, we utilized high-impact photos of the property including striking images of the rooftop pool and furnished units to showcase the elevated lifestyle and interiors of the property.

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