The Challenge

Helfman is Houston's #1 volume car dealer. Digital advertising is highly competitive for auto dealerships, and they must compete with local dealerships as well as manufacturers.

The Helfman team approached Forthea about taking over and restructuring its existing paid media program to increase leads and generate a better ROI for online advertising.

The Client New PPC Strategy Boosts Car Sales for Helfman Auto Group

Our solution.

Paid Media Strategy

Helfman, Houston's premier volume car dealer, operates in a fiercely competitive digital advertising landscape, facing off against both local dealerships and manufacturers. Recognizing the need to enhance its online presence, the Helfman team enlisted Forthea to revamp its existing paid media program, aiming to boost lead generation and improve return on investment.

Forthea developed a comprehensive three-tier plan to revitalize Helfman's PPC strategies, focusing on immediate, long-term, and ongoing initiatives. This involved restructuring ad groups to enhance relevance, as well as expanding advertising efforts across various channels. The implementation of advanced call tracking software further improved digital attribution, resulting in a significant increase in leads and higher ROI for Helfman.

28%decrease in cost per click
What Makes This Solution Great

274 %

increase in click through rate

89 %

decrease in PPC bounces

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