30 Jul 2015
Just the Basics – Is Your Agency Doing Enough?
7 min read //Paid Media

This is the second part in our new series, A Better Agency, which looks at many of the difficulties that can arise when working with an agency, and what Forthea is doing to overcome it. Just the Basics…

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08 Jul 2015
Forthea Internship: Learning the Basics of Digital Marketing
3 min read

As an interactive marketing intern at Forthea, I have picked up a lot of knowledge about the basics of digital marketing. I thought the visual marketing world was the only one that existed, but when I…

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16 Jun 2015
When Good Ad Targeting Goes Wrong
1 min read //Paid Media

Or Is Michelob Trying to Sell to Two Year Olds? We are all over 21. And we like beer. And some of us are parents. But we do not like beer commercials while our kids are watching the Mother Goose club…

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26 May 2015
Applying Behavioral Economics To PPC - HeroConf 2015
5 min read //Paid Media

I recently had the humbling experience of not just attending, but speaking at HeroConf in Portland – THE PPC conference. Forgive me for being a couple weeks late revisiting the subject I spoke on. I’m…

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30 Apr 2015
Legal PPC Campaign Life Cycle
4 min read //Paid Media

Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) is becoming an increasingly important way for attorneys to connect with potential clients. From time to time, certain events will cause an unexpected surge in the demand for…

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06 Mar 2015
5 Common User Experience Myths
6 min read //Web

As an agency, one of the more challenging parts of building a successful website is trying to dispel the preconceived misconceptions that some clients have regarding user experience. The internet, and…

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25 Feb 2015
Integrated Digital Strategies Just Became More Pivotal With The Google-Twitter Partnership: Is Your Brand Ready?
3 min read //Paid Media|SEO

Recently, Google and Twitter confirmed their plans to enter into another partnership that turns out to be quite mutually beneficial. What are these benefits exactly? Well, Google now gets access to the…

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23 Feb 2015
Real-World Geographical Influences on Search Behavior
3 min read //Paid Media

Fellow PPC advertisers, It’s time to acknowledge that we often get stuck in an all digital world. Being focused in that digital bubble often leads to forgetting there’s a real-world out there. That’s…

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19 Feb 2015
How to Use Dynamic Search Ads to Enhance Your PPC Strategy
3 min read //Paid Media

If things are getting stagnant with your typical search network campaigns, then it may be time to shake things up using Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs). These are a great option if you have a website with a…

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11 Feb 2015
6 Essential Browser Based Tools for Web Professionals
3 min read //Web

Whether you are a blogger, a content editor, or even a developer, there’s great value in finding (free) web based tools that can make your life easier and simple tasks faster. We know what it’s like to…

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