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We believe that highly competitive practice areas require aggressive marketing strategies for generating a steady stream of new clients and cases. We serve law firms by increasing visibility when it matters most and driving down cost-per-case for maximum profitability.

Find clients ready to take action.

It starts with matching your expertise and practice areas to the search profile of your ideal client. We help you build credibility and trust through paid media and SEO programs that focus on the user experience and optimize for high-quality lead generation.

56%decrease in cost per case
Winner, winner.

Raziner Slania Dominates NCAA Lawsuit

Raizner Slania, LLP represents plaintiffs in complex injury litigation. College athletes that endured concussions could be eligible for financial reparations.

Our Design + Development team redesigned the firm's website, while our marketing team delivered a strategy to increase web traffic, search engine positioning, and qualified lead acquisition of NCAA concussion plaintiffs. Our partnership with Raizner Slania secured the firm's position as a go-to resource for plaintiffs.

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Financial Integration + ROI

Financial Integration + ROI

We compare campaign results with your new clients to provide a full view of revenue from Paid Media and SEO campaigns. You'll get a detailed look at budget performance, enabling you to make more informed marketing decisions based on predictive analytics.

Expertise + Service

Expertise + Service

We approach account management with a consultative mindset. Your Forthea team will uncover areas for growth and find new opportunities for competitive advantage. You'll benefit from collaborating with multiple specialists and best-practice experts working on campaign performance.

Trusted partner. More than a vendor.

Trusted partner. More than a vendor.

For high performing paid media and SEO campaigns to run effectively, you need dedicated expertise. We take the time to understand your cost-per-cse goals and integrate them into your marketing campaigns and roadmaps—this way we are working together toward performance and results that contribute to increased revenue.

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