We love to solve complex problems creatively to satisfy both client and user goals. Website design and development is the perfect outlet for our creativity, where we get to take a wealth of data, requirements, and trends to create a product that ultimately brings you more business.

Put Your Best (Digital) Foot Forward

Our team understands that your website often makes the first impression with your prospective clients, especially in the realm of digital marketing. Our aim is to strengthen that impression by designing and building custom sites that are elegant, modern, lightning-fast, and optimized for ongoing marketing.

Designing + building a site is like playing with LEGOs in the digital space. We have all the building blocks, but we must figure out how to put everything together to get a desired outcome, or solution.

JT Skaggs

We’ve been extremely pleased with the results and plan to continue with Forthea for a long, long time. In the 10+ years I have worked with them, we won a national industry award for our corporate website. Our team is collaborative, responsive and always thinking about better ways to keep the content updated and relevant. I can't recommend Forthea enough.

Your trusted partner.

Our Web team not only masters both front-end and back-end development, but they have deep experience in User Experience (UX), SEO best practices, and corporate branding. By applying our shared knowledge and expertise to your project, you'll get a website that not only looks good and functions well, but is designed for ongoing digital marketing at site launch. 

Project Manager

Project planning, team coordination, and management of deliverables

Development Lead

Project guidance, vision planning, and goal alignment

Front-End Developer

Site design, development, testing, and project launch

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Our Web toolbox.


MODX, an Open Source PHP CMS, gives us the flexibility and control to bring our creative vision to life with zero restrictions. All output code has been optimized to be lightning-fast and super lightweight.



WordPress is the world's most popular free and open source CMS, which allows users to create websites quickly and easily. By tailoring 3rd-party themes and plugins, we're able to extend website functionality at a reduced cost compared to a fully custom-developed site.

Expert Capabilities

Expert Capabilities

We have an extensive background in evaluating, analyzing, and designing for user experience. All of our websites are designed and built to drive conversions, maximizing your ROI. Our developers are also trained on technical SEO best practices, meaning your site will be ready for ongoing Paid Media and SEO at launch. Learn More

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Crushing it.

New Site Modernizes Lee Murphy Law Firm's Web Presence

The partners at Lee Murphy Law Firm came to us looking to redesign their website, wanting to highlight their current cases and attorney with a clean, professional design that aligns with the firm's branding guidelines.

Our Design + Development team delivered a sleek yet bold website that showcases Lee Murphy Law Firm's credibility and expertise in the firm's field by incorporating subtle interactive elements that make the key areas of the content stand-out without taking away from the overall elegance of the design.

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We've set our standards higher than sites that just look flashy or function efficiently on mobile devices. We believe in creating websites that are fully customized to your needs, and which focus on speed, sound SEO, and excellent User Experience (UX) in order to maximize your ROI.

Our multi-phased approach ensures that our team works with you to plan, design, build, and deliver a new site that upholds your high brand standards and portrays you as a leader in your market.

Website Features
Powerfully BuiltLightning-FastDesigned for SEOMaximize Your ROIFull Control + Ownership
Simply the best.

Powerfully Built

By building in MODX, an Open Source PHP CMS, we have the flexibility and control to bring our creative vision to life with zero restrictions.

The result is a website that fits your corporate image, design and functionality requirements, and user experience needs—all without reliance on 3rd-party themes or plugins.


Not only do users expect content on-demand, they demand it. Research shows that longer load times directly increase bounce rate.[1] With the freedom and flexibility of developing in MODX, our sites are built to be some of the fastest on the market.

By not relying on 3rd-party themes and plugins, we maintain full control over all final output code as well as asset definition and optimization. This control means reduced stress on servers and browsers and ultimately allows pages to consistently load in less than 2 seconds.

Designed for SEO

We believe it's important to create sites that not only look good and function well, but also outrank competitors. Our development team works hand-in-hand with our SEO Specialists on a daily basis, which gives us the experience and expertise to know exactly how a site should be structured and built for best SEO practices and rankings.

During a web project, you'll get expert analysis and direction from our SEO team regarding:

  • Site architecture (sitemap)
  • Page naming + metadata
  • Rewrites/redirects
  • Other technical SEO including canonicalization and structured data markup

Maximize Your ROI

Our development team has an extensive background in User Experience design and Conversion Rate Optimization, which allows us to apply a different kind of expertise to your new website project.

We design and build with the user in mind, creating modules and functionality that helps users complete their goals on their terms. The result is a high-performing site that efficiently converts traffic to leads.

Each of our sites are also ready for ongoing CRO and A/B testing at launch, setting you up for continued and lifelong success.

Full Control + Ownership

Ultimately, your website should be a tool that fits your needs and accomplishes your company goals. It's important to us that you are not only able to, but are comfortable with making edits to various areas of your site.

Our sites are designed and built so that you have full control over content creation, editing, and removal once the site launches, and we provide live, in-person training for you and your team.

Once your site goes live, it becomes 100% your property. This means you own all code and assets and have the freedom to make any changes you desire.

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Do you only build in MODX and Wordpress?

Generally, yes. We believe that we can deliver a beautiful, quality product worthy of your brand on such platforms. However, during the scoping phase, we consider all requirements you may have and work with you to determine which platform is best for your new website. If you require a platform other than MODX or Wordpress, we will take this into consideration.

How much does a new site cost?

Every project is unique—and we treat each one differently. During the scoping phase, our development team will work with you to uncover all the goals and requirements for your new site. We consider things like content design, special features and modules, layout types, and added functionality to get a clear picture of everything needed to deliver your ideal website. We'll then review our comprehensive proposal with you, which includes a full breakdown of cost and all deliverables.

Can you integrate my webforms with my CRM?


Most of our projects include some level of CRM integration, such a posting data to Salesforce, Hubspot, or Pardot, or even adding leads to email marketing lists in Campaign Monitor or Constant Contact (to name a few).

Do you use the Yoast SEO plugin?

We understand that the Yoast SEO plugin offers a quick, easy way to control and update several key technical pieces that are needed for basic SEO. And if you're a Wordpress veteran, you've probably used Yoast SEO in the past. For these reasons, we absolutely add Yoast SEO to any Wordpress site we build.

What about Yoast SEO for MODX sites?
The level of control that Yoast SEO provides is built into every MODX site we launch, and you'll be trained on how to use it.

Do you use a mobile-first design approach?

It depends. We consider all aspects of the site project when designing templates and layouts, and we understand that mobile traffic can make up a large portion of your visitors.

In some cases, it makes sense to design mobile views and elements first, and later layer-on additional content and features for tablet and desktop. Other times, it might make more sense to start with the desktop design. Most often, we find that a mix of design strategies works best.

Are your sites AMP-ready?

We believe that we can deliver fast, optimized sites without relying on the AMP framework. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a framework that creates an alternate, stripped-down version of your site. They may be quick-loading but do not maintain the same look, feel, and functionality as the original responsive site.

However, if you require AMP variations for your Wordpress site, we will work with you to find the best approach and plugin to use.

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