What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking refers to a method of recording calls to track what channels were used by the customer to find your website. Call tracking allows companies to gain visibility to these channels such as organic, paid, and direct as well as the keywords used to trigger the website.

How Does Call Tracking Work

Call Tracking uses dynamic numbers that are inserted into the code of website. These numbers follow online activity and are triggered when someone interacts with them through organic search or a paid ad.

Why is Call Tracking Important?

Aside from the visibility you gain to what channels are driving traffic to your website, Call Tracking also allows you to track the following:

  • Caller's name, number, and location
  • Call recordings
  • Call transcriptions

In addition to this, call tracking allows you to have a record of who your customers are. What are their questions and concerns, are their similarities between customer issues. Utilizing these tools allow you to harness your customer service and improve it for the better while uncovering untouched avenues for your business to explore.

Do I Need Call Tracking?

If you interact with clients and customers, then you need call tracking. Call tracking works for practically any industry, including automotive, B2B, law firms, healthcare and more. Essentially any business that has invested in multiple marketing campaigns or strategies can use call tracking to see where their traffic and leads originated.

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