We believe that getting the right traffic to your site is only half the battle. When users are on a site, they have a goal they wish to accomplish. It's our job to uncover that goal and make it as easy as possible for the user to follow through.

Get results by putting users first.

Part of our approach is fully thinking through a user‘s process and trying to solve for the question they haven‘t even thought of yet. By gathering a few pieces of crucial information from the user, we can streamline their journey by cutting out unnecessary steps, thus drastically increasing conversion rate.

Designing + building a site is like playing with LEGOs in the digital space. We have all the building blocks, but we must figure out how to put everything together to get a desired outcome, or solution.

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I am very pleased with the work that Forthea is doing for us, producing opportunities at an ROI better than our other lead sources.

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CEO, Chipman Relocation

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Forthea has the most experienced and talented specialists in the business. Our applied expertise in User Experience (UX), SEO, and web development best practices gives you better results and increased ROI.

Integrated Team Structure

Your CRO team is with you for the life of your account, meaning you'll work closely with the same specialists to get the best results. Our CRO Analysts and Developers also collaborate directly with SEO and Paid Media Specialists for deeper account knowledge and research.

Account Lead Project guidance, goal alignment, and team coordination
CRO Analyst User behavior research + data analysis
CRO Developer Design, coding, and testing implementation

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Our CRO toolbox.

Google Analytics + Google Optimize

We utilize Google Optimize with GA, allowing maximum efficiency for connecting user session and conversion data to and A/B test. Google Optimize enables us to test anything from a single page to specific templates to global elements.

Google Analytics + Google Optimize


This 3rd-party tool allows us to gather detailed user behavior data at the page level, including heat/scroll/click maps, funnel and form analysis, and video recordings. The power of Hotjar gives us a clear picture of where users are getting stuck or confused, which helps shape our recommendations for change.


Visual Website Optimizer

We feed VWO conversion rate and traffic data to determine estimated experiment duration, number of variations we can support, or if an experiment is even likely to provide valid data before implementation.

Visual Website Optimizer


We use this industry-trusted report to help focus our efforts on site optimization, particularly regarding speed (page load time).


Nailed it.

25xreturn on investment

CRO Strategy Creates Clearer Conversion Path

Our team identified a CRO opportunity for the STDcheck.com website aimed at improving the conversion rate for mobile users. Historically, mobile users accounted for roughly 85% of all traffic on the site, so we knew any successful optimizations we could run would have a significant impact on the business.

We implemented our strategy as an A/B Test via Google Optimize to measure the results of this change. Over the course of the experiment, our variant saw a $0.66 increase per session and marked a clear improvement. After making the change permanent, the improvement generated over $94,000 in additional revenue per month (estimated based on expected sessions), or a staggering $1.1MM per year.

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Unique insights.

We dig deeper into user behavior by incorporating Hotjar heatmaps and recordings into our analysis.

My website users are doing what?!?

When big-picture data from Google Analytics isn't enough, insights from Hotjar help us understand exactly what users are doing on any given page or area of your site. This often helps us identify the root cause of an issue with the user flow or conversion funnel and kickstarts our solution brainstorming. These heatmaps and recordings can be eye-opening, to say the least.

User Behavior AnalysisA/B TestingSite Speed ImprovementsLayout ModernizationPerformance + ROI Analysis

Expert utility.

User Behavior Analysis

Our CRO Analysts dig through your website data to uncover trends and identify any trouble areas that users may be experiencing. Once we understand what the problem is, we layer on additional data from multiple sources to help us analyze why the problem exists.

We then brainstorm on possible solutions and review our insights and recommendations with you to form a plan for implementing a change.

A/B Testing

In everything we do, we make data-driven decisions whenever we can. One of our favorite ways to let data inform our suggestions is to run A/B tests on layout or content changes. An A/B test is a scientific method for comparing the performance of one or more variants to an original (or control).

We use Google Analytics + Google Optimize to rapidly deploy our A/B tests, then we'll review the data and findings with you. By using actual data, we can be confident in the recommendations we make for updates to your site. This is an especially important process to use when changing anything that has a direct impact on the conversion process for a user. 

Site Speed Improvements

Research shows that longer load times directly increase bounce rate.[1] With the help of GTmetrix reports, we identify key areas to focus our optimization efforts. Often, these include:

  • Image compression, scaling, and optimization
  • Implementation of browser caching rules
  • Reduction of .js and .css asset requests
  • Code minification
  • Asset parse order/deferment 

Layout Modernization

Websites are living, breathing things* that need to be kept up to date with current design and technology trends. A site should never be left untouched once it launches, or else it will become stale and out-of-date to users.

Often times, we can make updates to page layouts, elements, and design tweaks or add new functionality or modules without needing to do a full website rebuild. This can keep your web presence feeling fresh and modern to your visitors.

* not literally

Performance + ROI Analysis

On a monthly basis, we'll meet with your team to review our analysis of all related CRO data to give you a clear understanding of how your site performance is affecting your bottom-line. Areas we typically cover are:

  • Conversion rate trends
  • Website goals and events
  • Bounce and click-through rates
  • Hotjar heatmaps
  • Funnel metrics

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is the process of evaluating the performance of one element, layout, or piece of content against a variant or variants. Essentially, it's a scientific method for determining which of a set of options is the best.

It works by running a script on a page (or set of pages) that dynamically changes the layout, content, or an element. When paired with Google Analytics, user sessions and goal conversions are tracked so we can see exactly how each variant performed.

How long do A/B Tests run?

It depends. Traffic/user sessions and existing conversion rates play a big role in how long a test needs to run to reach a statistically relevant threshold. We use Visual Website Optimizer's duration calculator to help us predict how long a test will need to run (or if a test is even viable).

Depending on the number of unique sessions included in an A/B Test, we recommend allowing the test to run anywhere from a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 3 months.

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