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The Stats.

267% Increase in Organic Traffic

14% Decrease in Bounce Rate

205% Increase in Unique Pageviews


313 New Leads Generated through Forms

The Brief.

Pencco is a B2B services firm providing water and wastewater treatment chemicals, odor control chemicals and treatment services. It markets to a niche audience including municipalities, researchers and specialists in a highly competitive market. The company approached Forthea with an outdated and underperforming website that wasn’t ranking well in search engines and lacked a robust lead-generation strategy. The website had a single conversion path and was deficient in quality content, which were hurting its competitive edge.

The Strategy.

Forthea worked with Pencco to define clear objectives for boosting brand awareness, lead generation and competitive advantage. Our team developed an SEO strategy in coordination with the design and development of a new website. We focused on producing a content strategy that would highlight the company’s unique service offerings and provide comparison and education research. The design team created a new website featuring Pencco’s products and facilities in vibrant blue hues and constructing multiple conversion paths.

The Big Win.

After launching the updated website, Pencco increased organic keywords by 12% and received more than 300 lead conversions through forms and downloads. Overall engagement metrics with the site included a 205% increase in unique pageviews and bounce rate decreased by 14%. With an ongoing content strategy in place, Pencco can remain competitive in the marketplace and further build its brand awareness.


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