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Helfman Automotive


The Brief.

Helfman approached Forthea in 2011 to take over their digital advertising campaigns. Taking pride in their customer service and overall buying experience, Helfman has become Houston’s #1 volume dealer. They approached Forthea about taking over and restructuring their existing PPC account in hopes to increase leads and generate a larger ROI for online advertising.

The Transition.

Forthea was able to work with Helfman’s existing agency to transition the advertising campaigns with no downtimes. The full strategic implementation took less than two weeks. Forthea created a three tier plan to address immediate, long term, and ongoing strategies.

The Strategy.

Auto dealerships are in a very competitive industry for pay per click advertising. Not only must they compete with other local dealerships, but with auto manufactures. To combat this, Forthea restructured the entire Google Adwords account and created tighter ad groups to increase ad relevancy.

The Results.

By creating an entirely new PPC strategy, Forthea was able to expand Helfman’s advertising efforts to new channels. The new strategy generated more leads at higher ROI for Helfman. Forthea also implemented an advanced call tracking software for better digital attribution.

The Stats.

274% Increase in Click Through Rate


89% Decrease in PPC Bounce Rate

28% Decrease in Average Cost Per Click

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