The Challenge

JSC Federal Credit Union is a regional financial institution serving NASA employees and residents. The credit union launched a rebrand to become known as Wellby to be more inclusive to its broader membership base that has grown over the past 20 years.

Wellby - Best PPC for Finance

US Search Awards Finalist 2022

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Our solution.

Best Use of Search Finance & Banking - US Search Awards

We developed a relaunch of Wellby's auto refinancing PPC campaign with loan promotion as its full focus. The goal of this relaunch was to build brand awareness for the brand refresh along with increasing leads for auto loans. We wanted to maintain the client's established conversion rate of 27% while generating an additional 175+ conversions year-over-year.

Our team developed two PPC management strategies that positioned us to exceed our goal of generating an additional 175 auto loan leads.

1) Our implementation of “car” keywords drove a much higher conversion rate than “auto” related keywords. The “car” keywords drove a 36% conversion rate on average, which was much higher than the “auto” related keywords, which saw a 30% conversion rate. This indicates that “car” keywords are more effective at driving conversions at a more efficient cost.

Wellby - Best PPC for Finance

 2) We tested Smart Bidding on this campaign, unsure if the algorithm would work in our favor. We felt that this in conjunction with our testing of the “car” keywords helped make an impact on the overall performance of the campaign. It did increase our average cost-per-click by $1.24 and helped to drive more conversions on top-performing keywords.

47%increase in MQLs for auto loans
What Makes This Solution Great
267 more MQLs year-over-year
34% conversion rate
12% decrease in cost per conversion
US Search Awards: Best Use of Search: Finance PPC 2022
Implementation & Creativity
Smart Bidding (AI)

We also implemented a Smart Bidding strategy for Maximize Conversions to allow Google’s algorithm to make real-time bid adjustments, and we paid close attention to our Search Terms Report to add negative keywords. This would prevent the algorithm from optimizing searches that may drive conversions but may not be relevant, such as “auto refinance before repo. 

Keyword Research

Our initial strategy was to pause keywords that were not efficient in early 2021, switch the efficient keywords to phrase match, and then identify holes in our keyword strategy to test growth. We discovered that we were only running keywords that focused on “auto” terms, but there was nothing focused on “cars.” We determined this after combing through the Search Terms Report and seeing manycar” related queries that were close match variants and drove conversions. 

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