The Challenge

Pencco is a B2B services firm providing water and wastewater treatment chemicals, odor control chemicals, and treatment services. They market to a niche audience including municipalities, researchers, and specialists in a highly competitive market.

The company approached Forthea with an outdated and underperforming website that wasn't ranking well in search engines and lacked a robust lead-generation strategy. The website had a single conversion path and was deficient in quality content, hurting its competitive edge.

The Client Fresh Look + SEO Focus Delivers Brand Value for Pencco
  • IndustryB2B Industrial
  • Location Sealy, TX
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Our solution.

Website Design + SEO

Pencco, a B2B services firm specializing in water and wastewater treatment chemicals and services, targets a niche audience that includes municipalities, researchers, and industry specialists. Operating in a fiercely competitive market, Pencco faced challenges with an outdated website that lacked search engine visibility and an effective lead-generation strategy, hampering its competitiveness.

Seeking to address these issues, Pencco approached Forthea to overhaul its website. The new site featured multiple conversion paths, improved content quality, and better search engine optimization. The results were significant, with Pencco experiencing a 12% increase in organic keywords and over 300 lead conversions through forms and downloads. Engagement metrics also improved, with a 205% increase in unique pageviews and a 14% decrease in bounce rate. With an ongoing content strategy in place, Pencco is poised to maintain its competitive edge and enhance brand awareness in the market.

267%increase in organic traffic
What Makes This Solution Great

14 %

decrease in bounce rate


leads in first 6 months

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