The Challenge

Paul Davis is a growing network of 300+ independently owned and operated franchises. It provides emergency cleanup and restoration services like water damage repair, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and reconstruction. Forthea is the digital agency partner for multiple franchisees across the U.S. Our digital marketing strategies increase brand awareness and drive leads for sales while quantifying marketing ROI.

Our team partners with the Paul Davis corporate marketing team to deliver high-performing PPC and SEO campaigns to the franchise network. We work to understand the nuances of the individual markets, challenges specific to the competition, and the best strategies to increase leads based on growth goals. The Paul Davis locations we work with have a 3x to 7x return on investment from digital marketing and generate millions in revenue from our campaigns.

 Paul Davis - Forthea - Digital Marketing

The Client Paul Davis – Maximizing Growth for Multilocation Franchise Visit Site

Our solution.

Best SEO Campaign - Finalist 2023

Historically, search marketing has not been a major lead generation channel for Paul Davis. They rely on channel partners like insurance carriers for inbound leads that convert into new revenue. Many locations do not have established digital marketing budgets or strategies to attract customers online.

Through keyword research and planning, we uncovered a substantial opportunity to increase business growth through PPC advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). These digital marketing strategies combined with attribution analysis within the Paul Davis CRM, allow us to measure the impact of inbound leads on revenue, providing proven ROI.


Forthea - SEO Campaign of the Year Finalist 2023

731%ROI from digital marketing
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Our Multilocation Franchise Strategy
Website Optimization

Our challenge is unique because each location has the same template website and each one needs custom optimization as the markets differ substantially. For example, locations in the north experience more frozen pipes and HVAC fires than locations in the south, which see more storm flooding. Content optimization across key service area pages included breaking content into easy-to-read chunks, adding icons and lists, and creating infographics to improve user experience.

Local Targeting

Local SEO optimizations focused on weekly Google Business Profile posts with hyper-local targeting added for surrounding areas for each Paul Davis location. Local business schema was added to the contact page for improved Googlebot crawlers as well as product schema was added to individual service pages. Home Page banners were changed from the templatized skyline used on every franchise home page to specific views of each corresponding city.

Local Service Ads

We created Local Service Ads to capture customers searching for water damage repair and mold remediation. LSA allows us to control costs as it is a pay-per-lead instead of a pay-per-click platform so Paul Davis only pays for qualified leads. We learned how to leverage max budgeting and Google Reviews to improve the visibility of our ads. LSA is a great addition to PPC advertising to build brand awareness and drive bottom-funnel leads.

PPC Campaigns

The search landscape for water damage repair is highly competitive and requires strategic thinking to capture customers looking for emergency repair services. We are challenged with competitors driving high cost per conversion in small, local markets. Our team focuses on optimizing campaigns for qualified leads and measuring jobs estimated and jobs invoiced for true ROI.

I always knew I needed to spend in this space, but I wasn't sure what that spend could get me. Once I started working with Forthea, I now understand that I really can compete against a ServPro in this marketplace. In 2023, we brought in over $500,000 in new revenue that we wouldn't have gotten otherwise and 4x ROI on my marketing spend with Forthea.

Shelly Koelper //

GM, Paul Davis

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