Believe it or not, no matter how well you think your PPC campaign or landing page may be working at this point, it can always be performing better. One BIG reason why it has yet to reach its potential is because you haven't been segmenting your potential customers. In other words, there are different types of people who visit your site. Each visitor is at a different stage in the buying cycle and thinks and acts differently than the next... they all have different wants or needs. Competitive, Spontaneous, Humanistic, and Methodical are the four types of online purchasing personas. Knowing how each persona thinks and acts could help you exponentially when creating your online strategy.

A competitive persona is exactly how it sounds. They are looking for your competitive advantages. Why are you better than the next guy? Do you have any qualifications? If so, what are they and why do they matter? They don't waste time and need to be convinced your company can solve their problem quickly.

The spontaneous persona is looking for confirmation that you can get them what they need quickly. They enjoy movement and simplicity. No need to bother them with details and cold, hard facts...if your product seems right for their needs, they'll make a quick purchase. Most spontaneous visitors just have to like you to convert.

The humanistic persona tends to be a people centered, empathetic individual. They make slow and emotional buying decisions because they value and seek relationships from the company they are buying from.

The methodical persona enjoys the details and fine print and hates disorganization. This individual wants to know what your process is. Is there evidence of what your claiming your product or service can do? The methodical persona wants documentation of truth. They want to know EXACTLY how your product or service can solve their problem. This persona makes slow, logical decisions when buying and is usually the most difficult to convert.

Knowing how each persona acts will help you better target them and cater to their needs. Want to know how each of these personas sees your ad, landing page or site? Send us a tweet @Forthea and we'll show you. In my next blog post, we'll explain what your ad and landing page should include to serve each of the four personas.

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