When there’s a way to get a leg up on the competition, PPC advertisers know they’d better take advantage of it. One of the most sought after advantages in the PPC world is to have a dedicated Google Adwords rep. The Google Adwords reps are there to make things easier on the advertiser, give them instant clarification on any sort of PPC issue and help guide them to running a perfect campaign by telling them what to do and how to do it. Having a rep also enables the advertiser to know about future Google updates and changes before everyone else.

These are all incredible benefits that every PPC advertiser would love to have, but the question is: how do you get one? In order to qualify for this benefit, your account has to be spending a fortune and be hand-picked by the Google team. What about accounts that don’t meet the criteria to have a representative? How could you possibly find any good out of that?

Recently, we were handed a PPC campaign setup that almost caused me to pull out all of my beard hair. The campaign was in a super competitive niche and hit pretty much every controversial policy in the Google Adwords book. From the keywords to the content on the landing page, the entire team knew it would be a challenge right off the bat.

Of course, it’s the reps job to make those issues easy to handle and answer any questions we had. Having a Google rep would’ve saved us a lot of time by telling us exactly what we needed to do and the campaign would’ve been up and running in no time. That definitely would have been nice, but we wouldn’t know why certain things were getting approved or disapproved. We were left to fend for ourselves and give in to the trial and error mentality.

The biggest and most obvious benefit of not having a dedicated Adwords rep for this account was that we were forced to read up on every single Adwords policy. Having to resort to a trial and error and approach and finally getting it right was like studying for a Google exam but instead of receiving a score, we got a successfully running campaign. Clearly, the good of having a dedicated Google Adwords rep definitely outweighs the bad. Being given the task of setting up and running a large campaign in a competitive niche is hard enough and doing it without meeting the criteria is even more challenging. However, in the end, you will come out with more knowledge than you would have if you'd been given a rep that you can use in future campaigns.

Have you ever had an experience like this? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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