Our Web team has built a long-standing relationship with GMN, dating back to the development of custom tools and calculators for older versions of the GMN website. After partnering with GMN for ongoing marketing services, it became clear that a full redesign and rebuild of the website would help us get the most from our marketing efforts. The website project was aimed at streamlining the user journey, improving content organization and navigation, and ensuring that the GMN team has a flexible, easy-to-use platform for content management.

To accomplish this, our design efforts focused on various user personas and understanding user intent to lead our design decisions. We built a custom product database to organize GMN's extensive product catalog and provide the foundation for a powerful advanced search functionality, and we completely reorganized the Tools & Resources section to make finding relevant content much quicker and easier for users. The new site was built with our custom MODX solution, making ongoing content management easy for the GMN team.

Industry Industrial Manufacturing + Service

Location Katy, TX

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What Makes This Project Great
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Advanced Product Database + Search
Custom Design + Development

Powerfully built.

MODX + Our Cloud Hosting

MODX, an Open Source PHP CMS, gives us the flexibility and control to bring our creative vision to life with zero restrictions. All output code has been optimized to be lightening fast and super lightweight.

Running on our cloud hosting solution, this site is fast, secure, and expertly tuned with all the latest hosting technology. But don't take our word for it, check out the GTmetrix speed report.

MODX + Our Cloud Hosting
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