The Challenge

The Repipe Company is a plumbing and re-piping business specializing in new and old whole home re-piping in the Houston area. It has a team of experienced plumbers, all highly trained and certified in past and modern plumbing and re-piping methods, such as PEX piping, under slab tunneling, and full bathroom installations. We helped improve the client's FAQ page on its website and increased organic traffic by 573 sessions in three months to one of its sub-pages.

The Repipe Company's website was struggling to be seen and it needed a digital marketing agency with a strategic SEO focus to generate organic traffic to its site while helping its visibility on search engine result pages. Our main goal was to revamp the FAQ page into sub-pages that provided an in-depth breakdown of the answer to the questions and were easy to view and engage with.

The Client Harnessing FAQ Pages to Boost Web Traffic for The Repipe Company
  • IndustryPlumbing + Repiping
  • Location Houston, TX
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Our solution.

On-page SEO + Content Development

Rather than having one page that listed the FAQs with short answers, Forthea's team of specialists built-out the FAQs so that each question had a corresponding sub-page that provided a detailed summary of the answer structured for simple user interaction. The specialists used optimizations like bulleted lists, categories, infographics, imagery, and links to relevant resources. We also created the pages to include a highlighted overview of the topic at the top of the page.

This unique tactic led the FAQ pages to become the primary organic driver of traffic to The Repipe Company's website.

* Year-over-year sessions for page "How Much Does It Cost to Repipe My Home"
^ Impressions for page "How Much Does It Cost to Repipe My Home"

700%increase in YoY conversions
What Makes This Solution Great


increase in website sessions*

50 %

of organic traffic from FAQs



Best SEO Campaign (Finalist 2020)

Best Use of Search - Real Estate & Property (Finalist 2020)

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