The Challenge

Dr. Likover is a Houston-based orthopedic knee surgeon who specializes in partial and total knee replacement procedures.

After Google’s YMYL algorithm rollout, Dr. Likover’s site content was in need of fine-tuning and refinement in order to gain traffic, boost engagement, and ultimately get more patients in Dr. Likover’s office.

Our top objective was to develop a targeted SEO content strategy, focusing on his most popular procedures.

The Client Dr. Likover Gets Visibility Boost from Robust SEO Content Strategy Visit Site

Our solution.

Targeted SEO Content Strategy

Ranking at the top of search results for target keywords can no longer be accomplished through manipulation and tricks aimed at fooling search engines into placing your website highly, regardless of the quality of information.

The right way –and the only way –to do it is by providing valuable, high-quality content that aligns with the intent a search engine user has in mind when typing in a query.

Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (or EAT) are prime considerations in the content creation process, especially for medical content that falls under the so-called “Your Money or Your Life” (YMYL) umbrella, a category of content including health and financial information of special import to a person’s life that requires a higher-than-average degree of veracity.

With that in mind, we conducted extensive competitor research to discover what content was presented on top ranking sites for head terms like “knee cap replacements", “patella replacements,” and “patellofemoral replacement.”

By identifying content gaps and filling them in with original, high-quality content, we increased total keyword rankings by more than 400%, resulting in a cumulative year-over-year traffic increase of 56%.

In fact, Dr. Likover ultimately outranked the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons’ kneecap replacement page –one of the sources referenced during our initial research.

During the content refresh, we also divided the content into sections with descriptive headings, then created a simple, clickable table of contents featuring internal links that allow users to jump directly to the part of the page containing the information they’re seeking.

This has proven especially valuable to users on mobile devices. Mobile viewports are much smaller than desktop devices, requiring more effort to read through a long piece of content. Since updating the content, mobile traffic grew from 39% of all traffic to about 52% with a 21% increase in goal completions year over year.

Beyond the on-page benefits a table of contents offers users, it also adds a series of additional links below the result on the SERP.

Rather than providing one link that will take users from the search results to the top of the page, users can now click directly through to the part of the page that interests them.

This, coupled with improved keyword performance, has driven a significant increase in CTR since content updates were put in place.

147%increase in YoY conversions
What Makes This Solution Great

147 %

increase in website goal completions

92 %

Increase in YoY keyword rankings

286 %

Increase in YoY organic traffic

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