Our definition of an entrepreneur: Someone that can do everyone’s job on their staff, but no one that can do their job. Remembering this is important for entrepreneurs, since they tend to forget how important their role is in their company, and instead get bogged down with daily tasks.

Tip 1: Hire Wisely. Hiring is one of the most important part of a business for growth. When hiring, you should make sure the potential employee has two main qualities: self-motivation and gets things done. Many times, entrepreneurs hire people when they are in a pinch, rather than being strategic about it.

Tip 2: Empower your employees. Many times, entrepreneurs are unsure of how to train their employees because they have been doing all the work themselves. It is important to remember to empower your employees and give them ownership in their job. Everyone hates micromanagers. Hire people that you would want to work for, who challenge you to be a better entrepreneur.

Tip 3: Demand excellent work. Make sure that when hiring new employees they fit with your company culture.  You should also ensure that they understand the company vision and are as excited to be there as you are.

Tip 4: Never be the only interviewer. Interviews are difficult, and sometimes you need a second opinion when adding someone to the team. Always make sure to have a second opinion, even if it is a trusted friend, to get a feel for the interviewee. At the same time, it will also make the interviewee realize that there are more steps involved, and will take the job much more seriously.

Tip 5: Employees should not be family. Although it is easy to hire family because you know they will do what you say, almost every time it ends up in a mess. If they are bad at what they do, it is much harder to fire them. It is important to hire outside of your family, as it is easier to be clear cut about business decisions. Regardless, employees become part of your business family, so try to avoid mixing both business and pleasure. We hope this helps for business owners in the future on hiring great people to be part of their team.

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