Our previous posts about the Google Engage All-Stars Summit highlighted presentations by John Nicoletti, Grace Dolan and Allison Ember. We learned a great deal about Google products and market trends and how to utilize the information to benefit Forthea’s PPC accounts. There were also quite a few non-presentation events we wanted to share with everyone.

We were pumped about the tour we were scheduled to have. The main Google campus is amazing.  Employees are provided bicycles to go from one building to another, there are sand volleyball courts for those times when you’re so overwhelmed with work that you just have to play some beach volleyball (The thought has never crossed our mind when I’m swamped with work, but it would still be cool to have a beach volleyball court where I work). I’d always heard rumors about how Google treats its employees when it comes to food. The rumors are true! During the tour, we were told that each office building has a “20 yard rule”. This just means that no matter where you are in the office, there HAS to be food within 20 yards of you. Think that might lead to health problems for the Google employees? Well the huge gym complete with dedicated personal trainers surely helps take care of that problem.

At the end of day one, Google showed us a screening of a very cool documentary I feel anyone interested in advertising would appreciate – Project Re:Brief.  From the film’s website:

Project Re: Brief is an inspiring story about the need for creative thinking in the face of enormous technological shifts in the way we communicate. In a beautiful collision of minds and media, Project Re: Brief is a grand experiment whereby Google partnered with five of the brightest “old-school” legends from advertising to re-imagine their most iconic creative work from a half-century ago for the modern web.

In other words, Google picked four iconic ads from the past (Coca-Cola “Hilltop”Volvo “Drive it like you hate it”Alka-Seltzer “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”, and Avis “We try harder”), and recreated them with an all new, digital strategy. It was really interesting to watch two generations of advertisers work together to create something very unique.

There was so much more that went on between the speaker presentations, but the campus tour and the screening of Project:Rebrief really stuck out as my favorites. One "minor" thing that was spoken about briefly was that the Google Glasses are the real thing and might actually go into production next year!

Overall, we had a blast at the Google All-Stars Summit. We learned a lot about not just search marketing strategy, but about Google products and how they can be utilized for search marketing. Being able to actually try out some of the new products was great! We have already started implementing everything we learned to our PPC campaigns. It was a pleasure meeting and talking with fellow PPC’ers who share the same passion I do for search and providing clients results. We just hope we get lucky enough to be nominated by Forthea to go again next year!

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