One of the most frequently asked PPC questions we get from our clients is “Why should I bid on my brand name when I’m already ranking organically?” At Forthea, we have clients across all industries and develop PPC strategies tailored to each individual client. However, there is one recommendation that benefits pretty much everyone. Bid on your branded terms.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should bid on your brand name:

1. Dominate Your Search Engine Results Page

Bidding on your brand name helps you gain much more real estate on search engine results for your brand and tells users you are a prominent player in your industry. In addition, by having a presence both in the organic and paid ad sections you are giving the searcher more opportunities for them to visit your website.

2. If You Don’t, Your Competitors Will

If your competitor is savvy, they are probably bidding on your brand name. This means that if someone searches for you, they will find your competitors’ ads, which could potentially rob you of sales and customer loyalty. If competitors are already bidding on your brand name, you can raise their costs and reduce their conversion rates by simply placing your ad right next to theirs. Your ad will most likely have a higher click-through-rate, better position, and better-quality score because your competitor will have to bid a lot more aggressively to compete for your same ad slot.

3. Control Your Message

With paid ads you can continuously craft your message to allure searchers into visiting your website. At Forthea, we monitor the ads of our competitors to make sure our clients’ ads stand out. Let’s say our competitors have better rates or pricing and highlight this in their ad copy. When this happens, it is very likely the searcher will click on your competitors’ ads and not yours. We communicate this to our clients and adjust our ad copy to be more enticing to users.

4. Send Visitors to A Different Landing Page

In most cases, when people search for your brand name, they will organically find your home page in the search results. But, let’s pretend you have a time-sensitive promo campaign running and you want to send searchers to a different page with information about the promo. Well, this can be hard to accomplish quickly via organic search. With paid ads, you have full control on what page visitors land on.

5. Branded keywords are cheap!

As PPC strategists, we are always on the hunt for cheap keywords that have search volume. In general, branded terms are cheap due to lower competition. So, why not bid on them?!

Bidding on your brand name is a no-brainer for most businesses. By doing so, you have more control and flexibility on your branded search results at super low costs, which will help you drive maximum ROI for your online marketing efforts

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