Chris has always been interested in math, logic, and technology, especially as it could be applied to real-world situations.

After completing his undergraduate studies in computer science, economics, and philosophy, Chris began pursuing a Ph.D. in formal epistemology, a cross-disciplinary academic field, in 2002. Much of his graduate research focused on designing simple methods to solve complex problems.

Chris took a leave of absence from his graduate program to co-found and lead a technology startup and began taking a closer look at marketing. He thought about ways in which the application of science could improve marketing and make it something that was more understandable, measurable, accountable, and cost-effective.

That’s when he founded Forthea.

Since 2006, Forthea has been helping clients approach marketing from a quantifiable and verifiable direction.

The past decade has seen the convergence of marketing and technology. Each year we become more sophisticated and better understand how we can improve marketing results in ways most other interactive marketers can’t.

Chris gets his energy from making a difference for clients, improving their bottom-lines, and helping them communicate with consumers like never before.

So far, it’s been an incredible journey for him.

Along the way, Chris and his team of Fortheans have built deep expertise in many areas of interactive marketing, including internet marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Media and PPC advertising, Advanced Web Analytics, usability, Website Design + DevelopmentConversion Rate Optimization, and e-commerce.

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